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2016 Quotable Quotes

Is it just me or we are all used to write down and save notes of the powerful statements we come across from various sources?

As I am doing some clean-up on my phone today, I saw some quotable quotes I probably got from a book I read, a movie or korean drama I watched, from preaching during Sunday services or trainings, seminars and conferences I attended, or even from the weekly meeting I had with small groups and online counseling I belong.

Sharing with you below, in random order, the most striking lines I recorded for the last 12-months.

■ A truth trapped in a wall of lies may look still and peaceful like the calm of waters. But without anyone being aware of it, the truth is found in the tiniest crack of the wall and started leaking out towards the world.

■ Because I’m confused, I’ll try to avoid it until I get myself sorted.

■ But no matter how I shut my eyes and ears to it and no matter how I argued against it, the truth still remained right where it stood.

■ There is no sin so deep that the love of God and the grace of God cannot reach. There is no past so dark that the grace of God cannot transform. There is no mistake so fatal that God’s grace cannot redeem.

■ Sometimes the most painful mistakes we make aren’t what we did but what we failed to do.

■ God is more concerned in developing the character of a person than to rescue him from all the pain and the shame.

■ It is in the midst of our problems that we can testify powerfully through the Holy Spirit.


■ That you cannot actively take part in what you know is against God’s will, and that you are willing to receive his animosity, as you fear God more than you do him.

■ It is through our lives, our imperfect lives, that we can testify powerfully as ambassadors of Christ.

■ If God’s love can’t compel us, nothing else will.

■ We always talk about the in-dwelling and in-filling of the Holy Spirit. The question is how much we actually believe He is already in and with us, empowering us.

■ Satan is stealing your joy, killing your faith and destroying your dreams.

■ Apologies should be given to the person that they’re owed to. Apologizing to anyone else is just a pathetic act of self remorse.


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