Year in Review

Stable and Steady: 2016 Yearend Review

“All is well that ends well.” As the year is about to end, looking back to it makes me feel happy and fulfilled. It hasn’t been perfect, as expected. There were surprises that made my knees fall to the ground. There were unexpected happenings that brought me worries and anxieties for some time. Nevertheless, God’s grace is always sufficient that keeps me going with this less ideal life and fills my heart with gladness as I recollect all the wonderful things that have happened throughout the year.

Blessed to Bless

With the unforseen expenses on family and health matters that pulled down my savings and the abrupt and continuous drop of my stocks, I am still thankful that God allowed me to participate in the #TeamJheckGivesBack program we held for the elders. Giving back doesn’t always include money, anyway.


Overcoming Fears and Challenges

I still recall how afraid I am when I found out that I have a Nasoalveolar Cyst that needs to be extracted immediately. I am bewildered with the fact that I’ve never been into a hospital as a patient yet my first transaction there was in an Operating Room. However, praying for the people around me during the whole process brings my heart and my mind an indescribable peace. Thank God for the successful operation and benign result. Thanks to my company’s medical benefit and all the assistance given to me. Special thanks to my friend who accompanied me through the whole journey.


Work-Life Balance

As I shed some tears during #TheSeason out of fatigue and frustrations, I am more than grateful in the gatherings and getaways I shared with my family and friends. From simple hangouts at Venice McKinley, Pinto Art Museum and Rak of Aegis, to name a few, to major out-of-towns to Baguio, Tagaytay, Zambales and Boracay, plus countless swimming and staycation, woah! What a year it was!


It was my first time to have my hair colored – yep, one of the things I am used to be afraid of. It was my first time to paint on a canvass. I had my braces removed. Some of my articles have been published at On top of everything, my family is now complete as Daddy finally agreed to stay here in the Philippines with us. 🙂


With all these in mind and knowing that I have all of you by my side, though not everything has been favorable to me, I praise the Lord for a stable and steady 2016! 🙂

~ Rhea Angeline In Full Bloom


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