Rhea Angeline_Bday 2016

Inspired by my favorite bloggers, Nicole Andersson and Laureen Uy,
coached by editing guru, dear Joyah
and empowered by Power Director application,
I humbly present to you the videos I’ve been practicing with since the start of this month of October
and sharing as well the celebrations and happening on my last birthday. 🙂

Partying with family and relatives is a must. Plus, it’s a way of giving thanks since Daddy came out from the hospital confinement days before the event.

I am very grateful for the birthday surprises from friends and CCF Wednesday Dgroup members. 🙂

A fun-filled, amusing and shocking presents from Jheck and Team Jheck, with the special participation of Rhaegar. Hilarious bloopers! 😀

I had  a happiest birthday lunch with my Unilab friends at Silantro. Nachos, quesadillas and buffalo wings are awesome! 🙂


Disclaimer: Apology for the amateur skills of video capturing and editing. Will take better videos and will learn to improve my editing ability next time. 🙂


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