Video Blog 01: Boracay 2016

No plans. No itinerary. Just pure vacation... and lamon. 🙂 So, #TheSeason (my official hashtag for the budget [slash super busy slash zombie mode] season in the office) finally ended. Just in time with mine and John Dee's birthdays, our group decided to go to Boracay for Beki Bodies 2016 - yep, this is what… Continue reading Video Blog 01: Boracay 2016


Postcards From Boracay

Ask any Filipino about white beach and you'll probably hear one answer, Boracay. If I'm not mistaken, it's already my 7th time visiting the island. Many have changed in terms of infrastructures and number of tourists. Yet, the freshness of its waves and its powder-like sands remain the same. Music everywhere. Playing in the water.… Continue reading Postcards From Boracay


Rhea Angeline_Bday 2016

Inspired by my favorite bloggers, Nicole Andersson and Laureen Uy, coached by editing guru, dear Joyah and empowered by Power Director application, I humbly present to you the videos I've been practicing with since the start of this month of October and sharing as well the celebrations and happening on my last birthday. 🙂 Partying with… Continue reading Rhea Angeline_Bday 2016