Video Blog 01: Boracay 2016

No plans. No itinerary. Just pure vacation... and lamon. 🙂 So, #TheSeason (my official hashtag for the budget [slash super busy slash zombie mode] season in the office) finally ended. Just in time with mine and John Dee's birthdays, our group decided to go to Boracay for Beki Bodies 2016 - yep, this is what… Continue reading Video Blog 01: Boracay 2016


Rhea Angeline_Bday 2016

Inspired by my favorite bloggers, Nicole Andersson and Laureen Uy, coached by editing guru, dear Joyah and empowered by Power Director application, I humbly present to you the videos I've been practicing with since the start of this month of October and sharing as well the celebrations and happening on my last birthday. 🙂 Partying with… Continue reading Rhea Angeline_Bday 2016