Prose & Poetry

Love You, Mama

The gratitude of a daughter will never surpass the love of a mother. Indeed, without a word and with all the pretensions, a mother knows the heart of her child. Below is a poem written by my best friend, Katherine Ann, dedicated to her mother who’s celebrating her 61st birthday today, May 21. Happy Birthday Mama!  


When the smile covers up the being so badly wounded
When the eye still emits radiance that transcends cries of sleepless nights
When the messages being sent mask the scream of helplessness
Trust me, she knows.

No matter how much one conceals a matter
Even words of worries not audibly expressed
Nor the faint of heart not described
Trust me, she feels.

5,333 miles, this woman can connect
Whose embrace is reaching just to have me held
Who ached double when her child got hurt
Whose pride even bended in the life’s upsets.

Thank you, Mama.
I love you,
For walking with me and believing I can get through
One day at a time I will enjoy the wisdom of life
Just gazing the beauty of your lovely wrinkled eyes.

~ Katherine Ann


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