Prose & Poetry

Love you, Mommy


I look like her
No one will disagree
From head to toe
She’s the 60-year old me.

Giving birth to four (big) children
Raising us up in her small arms
A Mama Masungit to another five kids
Keeping them safe and keeping them warm.

She’s the epitome of bravery
Whenever there’s a flying cockroach
Everyone disappears in a flash
Face-to-face, only her can approach.

Her outfits are well coordinated
Her selfies are well managed
She’s taking pictures everywhere
She’s traveling here and there.

Her heart belongs to Piolo
Her smile and laughter goes to Aldub
A Noranian by blood
To Daddy, her all-out love.

I love you, Mommy
To the moon and back
To pieces and bits
From white to black
Wish you all well
Good health and prosperity
More and more getaways
May the good Lord bless you bountifully.


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