Short Stories

How Love Found Herself

Her name is Love.

Once upon a time, she was hurt. She was having a hard time to forgive. She wanted to withdraw from the life she was currently living. She wanted to be distant and move far away.

She said, “I need space. I need to find myself.”

Love decided to leave.


She headed to the subway and saw a lot of people frowning. The train system was experiencing errors, thus, the delayed schedule. There, she met Mr. Patience, an old man waiting for 3 hours just to get on board.

“Aren’t you mad?” she asked.

“Will being mad change the situation?” he asked in return.

“Well, you have to release or express your disappointment, at least,” Love said.

“I did, I was sad for a moment. That’s why I asked the authority what happened and I asked until when I would wait. When I heard 5 hours, I bought a meal and a book to entertain myself,” replied Mr. Patience.

“What? 5 hours? So I will be waiting for two more hours?” Love responded with an upset appearance.

Mr. Patience smiled and continued reading his book. After two minutes, Love could not resist doing nothing. She took out her phone to play a downloaded game. After ten minutes, she got bored again. She stood up and walked away.

Mr. Patience yelled, “You have a choice, my dear. Either you’ll endure the hardship of waiting or you’ll give up.”

“I’ll go to the bookstore. I’ll be back,” said Love.

As she was returning from the bookstore, she met Ms. Kindness, an old lady who was feeling hungry.

“What’s the problem?” Love asked. “My money is not enough to buy a meal,” said Ms. Kindness.

“But I saw you earlier on my way to the bookstore holding a sandwich and a juice, aren’t you full?” Love asked again.

“I gave it to the child over there. Look at him. He’s satisfied, right?” Ms. Kindness giggled while pointing to the little boy.

Love was moved. “Alright, come with me. I’ll buy two for us.”

Love went back and sat on the floor with Mr. Patience. Love laid down her trolley bag and let Ms. Kindness sit on it. “Nothing will break, just pure clothing.” Love insisted.

Two ladies, Ms. Contentment and Ms. Humility joined them. Love learned that these two women have been long time friends.

Ms. Humility is a successful businesswoman, who was loved by many. She wasn’t the one who actually mentioned it but her friend, Ms. Contentment. No words of boastfulness came out from her. She was genuine and simple, in spite of her achievements.

“Aren’t you envious or jealous?” Love asked Ms. Contentment. Ms. Humility volunteered to answer. “She never felt she was less of a person. That’s what I like about her the most.”

Love was impressed. They had a good time sharing their stories. Love even forgot about the book she just bought.


The train came. People ran fast. Upon entering the cabin, Love found out that there were no seats available. Great thing, Mr. Modesty and Mr. Gentleness stood up immediately and offered their seats to Mr. Patience and Ms. Kindness.

Despite the continuous colliding and hitting of bodies and luggages inside the cabin, Mr. Modesty had never been arrogant; Mr. Gentleness had never been rude.

These were all observed by Love. In her head, she wanted to scream every time she experienced quake from her surroundings.

Then a fat lady bumped Love. “Oh I’m so sorry, pretty. ‘Twas my tummy’s fault. Forgive me.” Love wasn’t able to resist her laughter.

She was Mrs. Cheerful. She was with her twin girls, Happy and Pleasant. The whole cabin was filled with enjoyment as Mrs. Cheerful and her twin pulled some gags and displayed wit and humor. Love got off the last station feeling joyful.

Then a young boy named Righteous tapped her and said, “Madame, is this yours?” It was her purse. She would not have been able to survive her long stay without it. Love was very grateful.

She thought, “If the world were full of people like Mr. Patience, Ms. Kindness, Ms. Contentment, Ms. Humility, Mr. Modesty, Mr. Gentleness, Mrs. Cheerful, Happy, Pleasant and Righteous, I guess it would be more worthy to endure and persevere. It would be easier to trust. It would be nicer to expect and be confident about the future and it would not be that difficult to withstand all circumstance.”


In her amazement and astonishment, even before she reached her destination, she realized that she already found herself.

Then she wrote on her journal,

“Beginning today… Love is patient. Love is kind. Love does not envy or boast. Love is not arrogant or rude; does not insist in its own way; not irritable or resentful; does not rejoice at wrong doings but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things and endures all things.”

Love lived happily ever after.


This article was featured in Brew Your Best Year website by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® last April 12, 2016. You may check it here.


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