Short Stories

Chapter VI: I’m Torn

Anj, a bookworm and a self-claimed moved-on woman who doesn’t love the idea of loving someone – again.  She’s been through a painful heartbreak with her boyfriend for 10 years.  Surrounded with funny guy and gay friends, will they be able to convince her to give her heart a chance to love and feel loved one more time?

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…and you responded with a big smile and said your goodbye with a kiss on the girl’s knee. That night I realized that I’m so blessed to see an angel. One thing though, that angel seems hurt inside. I wonder why.

Months after, I saw an old lady struggling to cross the street while I’m driving at Pearl Drive. I stopped to let her cross and saw a woman running from the other side of the street. I was amazed when I saw her going back to where she was as she’s helping the old lady to cross. I was more amazed when I recognized that it was you. Indeed, there’s one nice person in town. I admire you for being so compassionate with other people and for making the world a better place to live… despite of your brokenness, which is really evident in your eyes. You’re such an angel, undeniably.

Woah. Isn’t it basic to help an old lady?

I saw you with your friends at NAIA in January 2014. I saw you once again in Cebu middle of the year. Yes, I am curious why I keep on seeing you. I want to know your name, at least. Moreover, I am glad to see that you’re happier than before.

January 2014? My Vietnam-Cambodia-Thailand trip with Jericho and his boyfriend? Cebu? Cebu. Yes, Cebu. W-Division’s mid-year conference.

I forgot about you for a while until one rainy night of September when I saw you one more time outside Marco Polo in Ortigas. You are having a hard time to get a taxi and the rain is so heavy. I was so tempted to get my car on the basement and offer you a ride home. Of course, that’s not possible. I just had to call a friend who owns a taxi and gave instruction to pick you up. I was there at the lobby all the time, waiting for you to get on the car. That night, I feel so happy to be able to help an angel. But still, I do not know your name.

I’m one of the facilitators when you went to Gawad Kalinga at Anggat, Bulacan with your office mates, by the way.

At last, I got your name when it is written on your drink on the first day of my volunteer work at CBTL. You’re reading a good book and writing notes in between when I delivered your order. I realized that you’re a regular customer every Tuesday night…

T-TH-S, in fact.

…I kept on seeing you for three consecutive weeks now and I was able to have a conversation with you last time. You know, as simple as getting your order makes me feel great. Crazy me. But then, things get complicated when I saw you again in the elevator of my residence and in a bar. I am seeing you more frequently. Almost every day, actually. Why? And for the latest moment, I guess you’ve already recognized me.

I don’t know how, but if you’ll be able to read this, meet me at the rooftop on Saturday night. If it’s really destiny that’s making us to cross the same path… God, I never thought I’m having these ideas. Well, really. I want to see you.

I’m speechless. I stared at my screen monitor for a time, recalling all these incidents, justifying that this isn’t me. I’m not the angel that he’s talking about. I don’t remember the old lady but it’s really basic to help her. Everything he said seems pointing straight at me. What to do? Why Saturday night? It’s Valentine’s Day.

Throughout the week, I had my Double Chocolate at G-Mall instead. I don’t have the audacity to see Aaron yet. I’m still overwhelmed with all that he said in his blog.

“Meet him. There’s nothing wrong with that,” Jericho insists. “It’s not like getting into relationship immediately, Anj. Take away all those anxieties in opening yourself to the possibilities of getting to know each other. Well if you really can’t do that, then I will be the one going up to the roof top. Hahaha.”

“Edric asked you to meet him also, right? Justine reminded me.

Oh God. I guess I impliedly accepted his invitation to meet him by asking what time and where are we going to meet. What will I do?

In fact, Edric regularly calls me from the moment he arrived in the country. We even decided not to watch a movie for I can picture the crowd in the mall during that day.

“I vote for Edric. You know him since college days. Bound with friendship, it matters a lot.” Sonnie said.

“You do not even know what kind of person Aaron is. If he wants to take it seriously, he will do everything to see you again and have that courage to start knowing you deeply.” Nathan elaborated.

“You can reschedule with Edric anytime. You have all the means to communicate with him unlike with Aaron.” Jericho said.

I’m torn.

I’m totally in a dilemma.


In the first place, I’ve never decided to meet either of them yet. Or did I?


Saturday came. I still do not know what to do. Can I just go home instead and spend the weekend with my nephews and niece?

I can imagine the traffic though. No, it’s not a good idea to go home.

What to do? Help me.

I will go to bed again, wishing that I will wake up tomorrow and this day will just pass like an ordinary day.

Ugh, what a noisy phone.

edric 4

Okay, fine.


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