Short Stories

Chapter V: I’m Lost for Words

Anj, a bookworm and a self-claimed moved-on woman who doesn’t love the idea of loving someone – again.  She’s been through a painful heartbreak with her boyfriend for 10 years.  Surrounded with funny guy and gay friends, will they be able to convince her to give her heart a chance to love and feel loved one more time?

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“Anj, what’s happening? Looks like you saw some ghosts,” Jericho asked while placing his Wanton Noodle Soup on the table. I did not make any gesture. “Oh my… is your ex nearby? Tell me.”

“Let’s eat first. I need to gather myself. Maybe I’m just hungry,” I said as I took a spoonful of Beef Chaofan and a bite of my favorite siomai topped with steamed kangkong and bagoong.

“You know what… What we are eating right now costs less than two hundred pesos. I really can’t move on with that 3-piece nachos.” He’s trying to make me laugh and he succeeds. I almost splurge the fried rice I’m chewing.

“I saw him,” I said.

“Your ex? Where? With whom?” He dropped his spoon.

“Beks, I’m not interested with my ex anymore, remember? I saw that CBTL guy.” I stood up and asked the counter for warm water.

“I saw him inside D3, just before you dragged me out. It’s weird,” I continued as I came back.

“What do you mean weird?” He asked.

“I felt like the world stopped as we almost touched each other… And yeah, we looked at each other. Eye-to-eye. Seems like we’ve been together many times. I don’t know. What’s that feeling?”

“Spark?” Jericho asked back. “I don’t know as well. Now I’m starting to ponder why the two of you always meet even in this unexpected place. I bet I need to use my skills again.” He raises his eyebrow and looked at me.

“Online stalking time!” We said in chorus.

I woke up late and saw the message of my sister asking if I experienced the earthquake at two in the morning. I replied, “Nope. I guess we’re still dancing that time.” She responded with an annoying sticker.

I feel so lazy to get up so I exchanged messages with my friends in Facebook while checking news feed in between. It seems like the shake at dawn is quite trending that it was sensed from Central Luzon to South Luzon.

Deep inside, it was actually my heart and my mind that was shaken.

Oh wait, what was that thought again? Forget it.

“You’re not going out to jog?” Edric asked.

“I’m too lazy today. My bed is being clingy again and doesn’t want me to separate from him.” I said jokingly.

“Do you know what did apple say to pineapple?” Okay, he is trying to throw some gag.

“What?” And so I supported him.

“Why are you looking, looking, looking, looking, looking, looking, looking, looking, looking, looking, looking at me?” Seriously, he got me with this pun. I sent a laughing sticker.

“Do you know what pineapple asked to apple in return?” I paused for a while to think what punch line could it be but nothing came out.

“What?” I asked again.

“So why are you blushing?”

Okay, Edric is funny. I’m still laughing while imagining the apple and the pineapple. That one is so hilarious. Unconsciously, I began to share the witticism to some of my online friends, specifically to the group chat of Ungers.

“You learned it from Edric?” Sonnie asked.

“Hey, don’t forget that you’re easily being attracted to witty persons,” Justin reminded me.

“I bet you’re beginning to like him,” Nathan teased me.

“Nope. It’s indeed a funny joke. Don’t you agree?” I answered them.

They all replied contradicting me.

Well, that’s a normal conversation flow with this group chat. Teasing, mocking, and being playful with each other. We have this love-hate relationship, or what we call ourselves, frenemies. We love to disagree with each other. We’re used to this. At the end of the day, we’re still best of friends whom we can call to dine out with and share some laughter.

“Is he the CBTL guy?” Jericho sent me a screen shot on another window.


I was shocked.

I never thought he will find him over the net easily and fast. I’ve never described him either.

“TELL ME WHAT’S HIS NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!” I answered enthusiastically.

“So it’s him. Okay, bye. I will get back to you the soonest.” He logged out.

Gosh, what’s with my friends these days?

“Hey!” I called him over the phone. He is laughing. “I hate you.” He continued laughing. “Hey Jericho! How’d you find him? At least tell me that.”

“Haha. Let me search for more, and then I will present everything I’ve found in complete details. Make your EQ stronger for the meantime.” Jericho said.

“No!!! Let me know at least one important information so I can do my own research!” I pleaded. My EQ is the weakest thing ever in my system.

He laughed again. I’m getting frustrated.

“I’ll bring Lia’s avocado cake on Monday.” I bribed.

“Haha. Okay, wait. I’ll read something to you. Here. On May of 2013, he posted a picture of a book and a coffee. He is in Greenfield that day. The picture actually looks like he is sitting on a grass. The caption says “I saw an angel wearing a black shirt with ‘True Life’ written on it.” Any thought?”

My mind began to reminisce where am I on May of 2013.

Fresh from heart break. It’s my 2nd month here in my new unit. I just transferred in April 2013. Capitol Commons is still under construction that time. I’m doing my “Walk and Pray” in Greenfield during those moments. I have a black shirt with ‘True Life’. I got it from a conference.

This is mind blowing.

Part of me wants to ask more information from Jericho. Another part of me is scared of something. Am I the angel he is talking about? Why am I an angel? What happened on that day? What have I done?

I can’t recall how I put down the phone. All I can remember is I tried to search for a hint but I do not know how and where to start. There were no clues. I need his name, at least. How did Jericho find him?

Then a messenger icon popped up. “Okay, his name is Aaron Garcia. I want a whole avocado cake, by the way,” sent by Jericho.

Oh gosh. Aaron Garcia. Google. Facebook.

Argh… It’s a very common name. Jericho… I need you.

Aaron Garcia, American football player.

Aaron Garcia, boxer.

A photographer, a band member, an entrepreneur. Oh, entrepreneur.

This might be him.

Aaron Garcia.

This must be him. A CBTL and Gawad Kalinga volunteer. A post-grad student. D3 co-owner? Oh, that’s why… And a blogger? Wait. Ah, a travel blogger. He just published an entry 2-hours ago.

Lemme check.

An Open Letter To The Angel I’ve Been Seeing For More Than Two Years

                I never published a blog about feelings, emotions and the like. I feel uncomfortable right now, honestly. This might sound unmanly, but seriously, I wonder how and why our paths have been crossing since 2013. Look, I first saw you on your sports outfit and sweating a lot that night. I noticed you when you ran towards a little girl who suddenly stumbled over. You immediately lifted her up and took off the dirt on her knees with your bare hands. You look neat and tidy even if you’re already perspiring, which made me really amuse on how you were too compassionate with that child by not considering that you’ll be messy. Little did I know that my eyes are following every single move you do. You even ran to the nearest convenience store and came back with a chocolate drink so she will stop from crying. Her mother, I assume, keeps on thanking you and you responded with… [ 506 more words. ]

I’m lost for words. I’m certain that he is talking about me. I remember that little girl.

I was about to continue reading when another messenger icon popped up. It was Edric.


What’s with next week?


It’s Valentine’s Day.

Indeed, I’m lost for words.

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