Team Jheck Celebrates The Birthday of “The PSL” (Pocket-Sized Libero, Jersey #3: Jheck Dionela)


It was a turmoil from the start until the last 5-minutes before Jheck’s arrival. No available slot on the first venue. One by one, conflicts on schedule arose. One even had an urgent operation due to appendicitis. Our main accomplice had to recommend another person. Balloons are popping. The monitor could not read the USBs. Jheck is coming and there are members who are still missing. No concrete plan on what to do for her entrance.




Until the last 5-minutes… out of tension, the team gathered. Everyone is speaking. Every person has his/her own idea. One had to get the microphone to be heard. The party popper was handed to someone. The video camera was assigned to another. Then we saw someone wearing maroon sneakers struggling to open the sliding door. The team immediately dispersed.

the entrance
Click to view the video.


Jheck burst into tears. We had to fast track the program to games and party in order to change the mood. Twitter Fan Page Admin Inah led the prayer while Twitter Fan Page Head Admin Mari did the opening remarks. True enough, the venue was shaken with laughter and clamor through various video presentations, games and performances.

The “Marshmallow Game” – All about Jheck. Team Jheck’s love teams (with #XyKel as exemption)  compete with each other to decide who knows Jheck better, or rather, who can handle the marshmallows better (?) Hello Darlin! HAHAHA.
The “Arrange Yourselves Into” Game. With Yan-yan and Ash, Jheck’s nieces as the team leaders, the winner has been decided by the last category – number of ex-boyfriends. Yan-yan’s team doesn’t have to arrange themselves as every member is on NBSB status. Haha.
Inah performed Love On Top. Everyone kept themselves busy. LOL. Labyu cute!
Her cyber mother had to join her and Jheck stood up immediately. She can’t afford to witness the riot. Haha.

Other performances include a duet from Darlin and Migs, a solo number from Tita Vangie, Jheck’s mom and our very own birit baby, Yan-yan.


Can this day pass without Jheck singing for us? Of course not! Click the images below for her version of How Could You Say You Love Me and Torete.

how could you say


Eating together with Jheck has been our favorite hobby. Thanks to the whole staff of Chie-chie’s Restobar and Grill for the sumptuous meal they prepared for this event. Jheck loved sisig and fries the most. 🙂



Then there was a moment of silence. The sharing part of the program, which has been long planned by the admins finally happened. Starting with me, each member of Team Jheck shared personal stories on how they came to know her and eventually became part of the team. Some saw her on television. Others (including myself) were influenced by friends. Some were even lucky to saw her playing in a live game. But one common thing among us is that we all stalked her in her social networking accounts. Everyone related to the statement that the more you search for her over the net, the more you want and crave for more. Everyone admitted they were infused with a drug called Dionela.


Michael? Michael? Michael? HAHAHAHAHA.

Finally, Jheck delivered her heart-warming message as she thanked everyone for all the love and support she’s been receiving since then. Full of emotion, she even recall how she, herself, has been a fan of a volleyball player during her young age. Watch the video here.

Tears came rolling to her cheeks as she read the birthday messages from her family, team mates, friends and supporters.


The smile we certainly missed. 🙂
Jheck requested for an extension for us to indulge on her yummy cake. 🙂

Facebook Fan Page Head Admin Darlin ended the program by giving gratitude to all who participated and exerted their efforts beyond boundaries in bringing together the team and make the occasion successful.





Once again, in behalf of the admins, I want to specifically thank Inah and Xyla for the video presentations; Shiela for the Team Jheck letter balloons; Ron for the birthday cake; Mari for the cupcakes and souvenirs; Migs and Mariz for the on-set photos and videos; Michael and Abi for setting up the venue; my friends, Grace and Christian for helping me manage the whole program; Ralph, Inah’s friend, for the tarpaulin lay out; Kuya Eleu for helping me finalize the menu; Darlin for being the stand-up comedienne; the rest of Team Jheck who weren’t able to join us physically but definitely with us in spirit 😀 ; the friends of Darlin and sister of Mari for enjoying the party with us; the team mates and friends of Jheck for your lovely messages in writing and in video; Ate Mhabz and Ate Jhack, Jheck’s friends, as our main accomplices; Tita Vangie, Ash, Yan-yan and the whole Dionela family for conniving with us.

To the Lord Almighty for providing everything we need from day 1, to You all the glory, honor and praise! 📖➕

As one family, congratulations on accomplishing the missions – all for our very own Pocket-sized libero, the birthday girl, Jheck Dionela. 💙💚💛

Click the video to watch the one-on-one interview with Jheck.

Do you want to join us on our next event? Keep updated by following the official accounts of Team Jheck in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 🙂


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