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2016 – In Full Bloom


Not much of a new year’s resolution, rather new year’s commitment to become more disciplined in terms of taking care and giving equal importance on every single aspect of my life. As I look forward to become better each day and let myself overflow, I’m currently in the midst of listing down what should I stop doing, start doing and continue doing, which will manifest on the simple acts I could do to inspire and make the world – the universe rather – a better place to live.

My life mantra will continue to be “Whine Less. Laugh more. Each day, choose to be joyful.” It will serve as a guide and a reminder that whatever uncontrollable circumstances may happen, I could take these as opportunities to know God more and experience His glory more. So, why worry?

Discipline – make yourself do what you don’t normally like to do in order to become what you have always wanted to be.

My long list varies from simple plans such as reading at least 1 book per month and writing at least two blogs per month to extremely challenging deeds such as waking up not later than 6am and going to bed not later than 11pm as well as more of PIG (prutas, isda, gulay) and less of pork. So help me, God. 😛

Since I am performing various roles concerning different groups of people, it’s just right that what comes in should be worthy to share out. Thus, I should be more careful on the inputs I am allowing to enter my system as the output will certainly follow. As the saying goes, “Discipline itself is nothing; it’s the purpose of discipline.” My priorities will definitely be passion for God and compassion for people, which pertains to my vertical and horizontal relationships. All else will be of second value.

Everyone, partner with me and support me on how I brew best this year. With Him I follow and with all of you by my side, I commit to live the 365 days of 2016 in full bloom. 🙂

Lovelots, Rhea Angeline


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