Year in Review

Rhea Angeline: 2015 In Review

All is well that ends well.

Though 2015 has been a challenging year to me in terms of physical and financial health, I am confident to say that the past year has been so good to me in general. I am more than satisfied. It’s a year of building relationships: knowing and meeting new people, which turned to gaining new friends and tighting the bond between me and my family and with those people who stayed by my side no matter how crazy my life has been. It’s always a chaos to have them around, but certainly the best moments I ever had.


TEAM JHECK – from a fan group to a family, from watching games to dining out. These animated and spirited supporters of Jheck unleashed the other side of me, being an enthusiast of something/someone I really admire. They taught me lots of youngsters’ terminology, such as turtle net (slow internet connection), baliwag transit (insane), etc. As my age becomes older, my heart becomes younger with them. 💙💛


WELCOME WEDNESDAY DGROUP – a weekly dose of inspiration from these empowered women of God. Look how blooming they are, am I right? Believe me, they represent every women out there who faces the same struggle at home, office and society like anyone else. What’s the difference? They know WHO goes before them and WHO stands behind. 😀


HK-MACAU TRIP – with family and friends combined, I’m the happiest. 🙂 It all started with a plan of travelling with 3 of my friends. Then one by one, my family members joined and we ended up with 10-wanderlust – all excited to navigate the beauty of Hongkong and Macau, capturing each moment, indulging on the local foods and enjoying the scenery of these foreign lands. Thanks to salonpas. 🙂


PSA – from the world of bloggers, which we often call blogsphere, Philippine Single Association has been created out of fun. I woke up not knowing I’m the president of the organization. I’m not the founder. Seriously, until now I’m still asking why am I the president? With the online consultations about love, health and sickness (yes, we have a nurse and a future doctor), food and anything under the sun, plus all the gimmicks, which is not limited to #AskPSA, #FridayPoetry and #SentiSabado, I so love conversing with this team. Can’t cope up with the #MidnightArmy, tho. 😛


BOLINAO-BAGUIO TRIP – last hurrah for 2015. In the midst of busy Christmas and New Year holidays, my family decided to grab the opportunity while the kids are on their school vacay. The road trip, playing games inside the van, swimming in a white sand beach, pampering with good foods and savoring the cold weather up in the pines is really the best way to end the year. 🎄


FAMILY OUTREACH PROGRAM – blessed to bless! Sharing little goodies to House of Mary Foundation, Inc. and Bahay Kalinga at Sta. Maria, Bulacan enables my nephews and nieces to see the value of family and education. Indeed, ending the year right ultimately starts a new year bright. 💚


My 31st birthday, mommy’s 60th birthday celebration, Beki bondings, Unger’s dine out, Friday Dgroup, HS and College friends meet up and Rainbow Brites International year-end tradition all covers the reason why I am extra happy with 2015.

It’s all about relationship – a treasure that’s worthy to keep.  💙💚💛


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