Prose & Poetry

Flying and Falling


A lovely little bird
Pure and inoccent
Her wings are shining
Her eyes are sparkling
Learning to fly high is her ultimate desire.
The colors of fall, in her feathers transpire.

As she’s trying to elevate
Someone approached her.
Another little bird
With the same aspiration.
They promised to acomplish it,
United as one.
The challenges of flying high
Together they will overcome.

The days became happy,
The nights became peaceful.
The lovely little bird feels truly comfortable.
They decided to pursue.
They confirmed they’re ready.
Flying high above the sky,
They thought, it’s easy.

As the strong wind blows
And a lightning strikes,
The lovely little bird trembles with fear.
But her vision is clear.
She knows they can do it.
As long as he is around
They will achieve without limits.

Another wind blows stronger.
Another lightning strikes sharper.
The lovely little bird is shaking.
Her beautiful wings are shivering.
She seeks comfort from the other bird
To make her feel secure
But she saw him flying away
Leaving her unsure.

As she’s about to call him back
A dark cloud surrounded her.
A loud sound covered the place.
Little did she recognize
She fell on her face.
One side of her wings was fractured.
Some of her feathers dried up.
The other bird was there to help her
But abandoned her instead of picking her up.

The lovely little bird
Pure and innocent
Settled to stay on the ground
Not wanting to fly again up high.
Though her wings were healed
And her feathers came out prettier
The fear in her heart never subsides

Other birds offer to join her
She just want to stay there
Alone but not lonely
Flying is not actually happy.


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