Prose & Poetry

Thank You

thank you

Thank you.
You came when I needed someone to talk to.
You started with a simple “hello”
and I suddenly felt I’m not alone.

Thank you,
for opening your life to me,
the introvert as you may be,
went out of your comfort zone.

To cheer me up.
To let me know that everything’s alright.
You even kept quiet,
not asking me about my struggles.
You just made me feel that your presence
is already enough
to make me smile,
to make me feel better.

Thank you for telling me stories
about yourself and the world you belong.
For taking me in
and show that life,
though complicated
is worthy of living.
Thank you for spending time with me.
For allowing me to share with you some memory.

For holding my hands when I feel cold,
for tapping my back when I did great,
for taking care of me essentially
and for embracing me because you just want to,
I truly say, Thank you.

Thank you for the love,
though not spoken,
your action speaks louder than your words
that it talks to my heart directly
like a song with a perfect melody.


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