Team Jheck Meets “The PSL” (Pocket-Sized Libero, Jersey #3: Jheck Dionela)

I always ask, “When was the last time you did something for the first time?” Well for me, I’ve experienced lots of my first during the opening of Philippine Superliga 2015 Grand Prix last October 10 at Biñan, Laguna.

It all started when I wrote a blog middle of this year signifying my affection to Angelique Beatrice Dionela, one of the country’s best libero. The cutest, I may say. A month later, the admins of her fan pages saw the article and invited me to become part of Team Jheck. Everything was so overwhelming. 🙂

ctto: Gabriel Baliad of GB Design
ctto: Gabriel Baliad

1. It’s my first time at Alonte Sports Arena. Travelling all the way from Manila to Biñan is stress-free. We just had to ride a Jac Liner bus near Buendia LRT 1 station (Php52), then jeepney from Central Mall to Pavilion Mall (Php8), then tricycle to Alonte (Php10 per pax or Php40 per tricycle for special trip). The entrance is free! With malls everywhere, who wouldn’t feel at home? No doubt, I will go back to this place. 🙂

ctto: Arnold Cruz
ctto: Arnold Cruz

2. It’s my first time watching a live game. Lucky me because Cignal has a schedule that day. Gone are the days when I’m screaming and jumping alone in my unit. On top of that, coming from behind over 5-set win, Cignal HD Spikers ended the 16-match Superliga run of Petron Blaze Spikers. ‘Twas such a thrilling and breath-taking afternoon – a championship level kind of game. Congrats Cignal! 😀

ctto: Ramil Basical
ctto: Ramil Basical
ctto: Arnold Cruz
ctto: Arnold Cruz
ctto: Roman Prospero
ctto: Roman Prospero

3. It’s my first time becoming a fangirl. Yes, complete with shirt and tarp! No one can ever stop me from doing this. I’ve been waiting for this moment for months, thus, no to kill-joy and reluctance; just pure happiness and enjoyment. By the way, v-neck is awesome! Am I right, Darlin? 🙂



4. It’s my first time meeting Team Jheck. Been chatting with these lovely people since August and at last, I personally experienced the humor and fun we normally have online. With the extreme drive of these youngsters (Yeah right. Okay fine. I’m the eldest.), my energy was depleted and my voice was nowhere to be found the next day. Exhausted I may be, it was such a remarkable encounter with them. 😀



12109208_10205416557041056_4100069860688637831_n (1)

5. It’s my first time hugging Jheck herself. Though it was not the first time I saw her in person since I was able to watch Cignal’s training a week before at La Salle Greenhills, it was my first time embracing this cute bunny. Or should I brag? It was actually her who hugged me. 😛


As mentioned in #3 of the reasons why I like Jheck, she joined us in the patron side after her game and gave each one of us a Cignal t-shirt. As a fan service she used to offer, we had lots of pictures taken with her, she signed the September issue of Manila Sports Digest magazine (Gosh, I forgot mine. 😦 ) and she even signed our Team Jheck shirts.




Such a delightful experience!

Indeed, happiest birthday to me! 🙂

ctto: Ginio Panganiban

Do you want to join us in cheering Jheck on the next games of Cignal? Keep updated by following the official accounts of Team Jheck in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 🙂


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