31 Facts About Rhea Angeline

I apologize for being the focus this time.
Today is my birthday, forgive me.
Yes, I already existed for 31 years now.

First was a decade of ignorance and innocence.
Next was a decade of familiarity and awareness.
Now is a decade of learning and maturity.

You might not be interested to know me.
But then, since you’re still reading this, you might be.
So let’s start revealing the facts about me. 🙂

1. My name, Rhea Angeline, came from the names of my two grandmas. On my mother’s side, Regina. On my father’s side, Anselma.

2. I am clumsy. Not sure if it’s a normal characteristic in every woman, but seriously, do not allow me to bring any food or drink inside a movie house. Never place the tissue holder or the set of condiments beside my plate in a restaurant. I might spill them. The reason why I always have that painful dark violet mark in my body is because I always bump myself into almost anywhere. Don’t force me to explain. I do not know why, either.

3. I love the color green. Okay I admit, pink also.

4. I’m not into gadgets. I’m currently using Samsung GT-C33303I for call and text. “What the hell is that?” you might ask. This is the only cell phone I bought with my own money. That’s for only Php 2K. 🙂 I have a tablet and two laptops but they were provided by the company.
Samsung Champ /

5. I always belong to a large group. High school, college, former and current company friends, and church mates (read: The Perks Of Having Spiritual Sisters). When I’m with them, it’s always a blast! Sometimes, it’s a riot. 😀 But I also love spending quality one-on-ones.

6. In connection to #5, I’m part of Team JheckAt the age of 30, I became a fan of this cutie. Just last month, I was promoted as an admin of her Facebook fan page. 🙂

7. In connection to #5 as well, I am the current president of the Philippine Singles Association (PSA)Thus, I’m inviting every single to join-in with the main intent of getting out. We’re planning to hold some events like hiking, ’cause we believe that “Kung wala siya sa kapatagan, baka nasa kabundukan.” If everything still fails, “baka nasa karagatan.” For the complete list of PSA officers, click here.

8. I prefer chocolate drinks, cookies, wafers, those with almonds and nuts rather than plain chocolate bars. Swiss Miss, Milo Dinosaur, Timtam, CBTL Double Chocolate and Ferrero Rocher, please.
Yummy /

9. I love kids. Back when I was a kid myself, I love babies. They’re just too cute to ignore. 🙂 They smell so good as well. Thus, I am using baby products such as Johnson and Johnson’s Baby Milk Bath and Kids Plus Hypoallergenic Powder. 😛

10. Ice cream or cake? Ice cream!!! Except if it’s Mango Bravo. 😛

11. I have many nick names. My neighbors in QC call me Dede (gosh, I was little then). My school friends as well as my siblings and 1st cousins call me Diday or Dids. My parents and relatives call me Angel. In the office, I’m Rhea. My nephews and nieces call me Ninang (yes, all of them). Random nicks and words of endearment include Pres, Beks, Rhei, Ungers, Angeline, Baby and Green Tea. 🙂

12. I’m more than okay with flowers. But shoes and bags will do. 😀
Ecolet /

13. I’m not a fan of veggies. I eat leafy vegetables, the most. Kangkong, petchay, lettuce, and the like. Carrots? Sometimes, depending on the size. I don’t want the slimy ones, especially eggplant and okra. If I have no choice, just kill me, but I still won’t eat beans and its family. I love fruits, though. Almost all kinds of fruits. 🙂

14. I love Rom-Com. That’s why I love AlDub. Hihi. 😀

15. My childhood dream is to have my own dance studio. But seriously, I’m not sure if I can still move to the grove. Signs of aging are kicking in.

16. I see to it that I travel at least once every year, local or international. Blog to follow, Flashback Friday: Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand Trip. Now I’m excited to go back to the happiest place, Disney Land. 😀
Cambodia Temple /

17. There are three things in my bed-side table: a book, a pen and a notebook. I’ve been receiving gifts like these every Christmas season.

18. The best accessory for me is a wrist watch. I can leave the house not wearing a ring, bracelet, necklace or earrings; but never a wrist watch.

19. Not sure if it’s another sign of aging, but I can’t afford not to have a planner, or else, my day will be a mess. I might forget someone’s special day, an important ‘to do’ item, an appointment at night and a bill that needs to be settled.

20. I find rest in writing. Aside from praying, writing is the best means of releasing everything I feel. No reservations. No pretensions. No ifs and buts. I even write my prayer. I even write a letter to myself. 🙂
Christmas gifts (2014) /

21. I eat fish eye, chicken feet and chicken head. Do you? I also love eating cold spaghetti in the morning – the leftover from an occasion the day before. Yes, straight from the refrigerator. Many people find it weird but I’m so into it.

22. I’m the 3rd among 4 children, youngest among 3 girls. And I’m the only one who has small eyes. Stop asking why. :/

23. I’m a Dgroup leader. Come and join me every Wednesday, 7 in the evening at CCF Center, Frontera Verde, Ortigas Avenue corner C5 Road Pasig City. 🙂

24. There are three things I can’t live without: water, lip gloss and umbrella. I can walk under the rain, but never under the heat of Mr. Sunshine.

25. I always wear socks while sleeping because I’m prone to cramps. I like the long ones better and those with bold prints.

#BedWeather /
#BedWeather /

26. Back in the days, I have a tough stomach. When I was in high school, I can eat sweet corn, green mango on stick with alamang and buko juice simultaneously without suffering from abdominal pain. During college, I’m used to street foods and I’m in the habit of pampering myself with the famous unli-lugaw at PUP Sta. Mesa. Now, I’m more careful with my food intake as I’m susceptible to acid re-flux. Paying the sins of my past, eh? 😥

27. I walk fast and I talk fast. Please do tell me if I need to slow down. 🙂

28. They say “Laughter is the best medicine.” I say “Mall is the best hospital.” Agree? 😀

I bumped into my old self this afternoon. 'Twas a bitter sweet encounter. #Mega3DaySale /
I bumped into my old self this afternoon. ‘Twas a bitter sweet encounter. #Mega3DaySale /

29. My fashion sense (assuming I have one) is basic. Sneakers & flats, sweaters & jeans and shirts & shorts are my favorites. I feel more confident when I’m comfortable.

30. It’s a must to have a “me time”. Aside from spa, mani-pedi, and strolling in the mall, I do the “Walk and Pray”. If I can’t go out for any reason, I’m indulging myself with books or Korean Dramas or Running Man.

31. I am always hungry. It bothers me if I’m running out of stock of food in my unit and in the office. Special shout out to my favorite unlimited tostada chips with skillet queso dip! 😀

Do we have something in common? I would love to know. 🙂


PS: Everybody’s asking what’s my birthday wish. As a woman who has a great love for the earth and for the solar system, I wish for WORLD PEACE. ‘Cause I believe that if the world is at peace, I’ll be able to find true love. So c’mon, let’s heal the world and make it a better place. For you and for me and the entire human race. Thank you and Mabuhay!

(Kinanta mo? With feelings?)

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49 thoughts on “31 Facts About Rhea Angeline

  1. Similarities: 11, 14, 20, 22, 26, and 29. 😀

    Di na ko parating gutom. Simula nang magwork ako, nasira ang amor ko sa food, parang kumakain na lang ako dahil kailangan. Minsan, I skip meals. Minsan, nakakalimutan kong kumain.

    Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Ate Rhei (new nicky). :)))

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 1. Grandmas din ako pres haahha. Kuya ko naman from grandpas. XD Baliktad nga lang kasi masculine yung sakin samantalang sa kuya ko feminine. XD
    2. Clumsy rin ako pres pero ibang level yang sayo hehe.
    3. I started to love green during my review days hahah. Green pen, pencil, sharpener, tumblr, pillow, bedsheet, towel. Buti nalng di yung mind. Lol
    4. Like ko yung message pres. 🙂

    8. 🙂
    9. I love kids too, pres. Haha. Evidence ko siguro yung mga profile pics ko sa fb. XD Johnson’s lotion and slide cologne. 😀
    10. Had a bite yesterday pres kasi bday ng boss namin. Bday mo rin pala. Heypi birtdey! 🙂
    11. Same here! Haha. But I wonder why green tea. 😀
    16. Ang ganda. Ng view shempre. Ano pa po ba? Haha. Wish list ko palang to pres. 😦
    17. 🙂
    18. 🙂
    20. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    27. I walk fast too, pres! 😀 hahaha.
    29. I like you more na pres. Haha. Gusto ko kasi yung mga simpleng tao amidst success. 🙂

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Pres! (As if today’s yesterday :D) Continue to be a blessing to everyone. 🙂

    And yes, kinanta ko. Medyo with feelings din haha.


    Liked by 1 person

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