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Pistanthrophobia: Fear of Trusting People Due to Past Experiences of Being Betrayed by Someone

Friends, check out my guesting on Dr. Eamer’s Blog. 🙂

Disclaimer: Since this is Dr. Eamer, the language is Filipino and the topic is about love and relationship. THIS IS NOT MY STORY. I actually interviewed some of my friends and decided to create a piece concerning the fear of falling in love again due to brokenness over painful experiences.

Are you ready to catch the extreme #Hugot lines?

Happy 1st anniversary, doc! 😀

PS: Look forward to my 2nd guest blogging. 😛

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Doctor Eamer

no fear in love

Ang haba ng title ng blog ko ngayon! Binilang ko kung ilang letters/characters – 81 lahat! Tinalo nito ang dati kong blog in terms of haba ng title – Story of Evolution: Boy Labo to Boy Linaw to Boy Ligaw to Boy Friend. Pero mas mahaba pa din daw ang paghihintay ng mga babae kay Mr. Right. Kaya nga gumawa ako last time ng Open Letter to Mr. Right. 🙂

Mukhang iba talaga ang rule sa blogging at news writing. Hindi pwede ang ganitong kahabang title sa professional article writing. Ang blogging ay parang love. It defies rules. Chos!

Ang guest blogger ko ngayon para sa 31 Blogs in 31 Days Campaign ko ay si Ms. Rhea ng Exhibit A. Check her blogsite para malaman mo kung bakit iyon ang pangalan ng blog niya. Siya din ang kasalukuyang presidente ng Philippine Single Association (PSA).

Ayoko nang ma-inlove ulit

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