Prose & Poetry

Note To Self: Behave


Say no to temptation. It leads to destruction. You justify. You question why. Attracts like a love potion. Kills like a sugar-coated poison. Not sweet but bitter. Focus. Don’t get loose. Avoid the shame. Don’t miss the game. Lame. Break the trend before it becomes a habit. Destroy the chain and smash it. Set the boundaries. Know your limit. You’re not okay, admit it. Are you on your right mind? Can you continue like that? Acting like a God Junior and living as self-reliant? Don’t try. You’ll end up with regrets. Stay away. The path will lead you astray. Too blind to see. Too deaf to hear. Too much of yourself makes me fear. Shivering. Trembling. Shaking. Do sun pour down? Do rain shine? Attempting to rationalize. Did you say more of laugh and less of whine? Self-downsize. Stop. Everything, drop. The only way is down to go up.

~ Rhea Angeline


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