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TGIM – Sep 14

My alarm didn’t ring. Rather, my alarm might have rung but it failed to wake me up. My adrenaline hit me when I jumped out of bed, reminding myself about the deal I took to pay 10 pesos for every minute late in the office. Thank God, He woke me up just on time. Thus, the earlier-by-10-minutes record of the century.

So many things to do. My planner is packed with stuff that needs to accomplish for the day. As I check the items one by one, my fingers automatically add another list at the bottom. Seems like forever. But wait, who would’ve thought that I’m actually getting done with these somewhat impossible tasks? Thank God, He blessed me with the abilities and capabilities to do my work. Thus, the clear tray, clean inbox and zero pending documents for approval.

I was supposed to have a dinner with my pretty VP but due to some uncontrollable reasons, I ended up extending in the office, munching 3 pieces of chocolate cupcakes to survive. ‘Twas almost 8 in the evening when my preggy kapit-building office mate gave a signal that she already wanted to go home. Unconsciously, we headed to the hospital instead. Literally unconscious as we traveled the path of “evening parking lot” of Ortigas Avenue, doing some counter flow in order to keep her calm as she cries out of fear about her spotting. Well, I wonder if we were able to calm her since we arrived in the ER the soonest possible time. Thank God, all the vitals of the baby is good and she doesn’t have any infection.

Eye bags for sale. Buy 1 take 1. :)
Eye bags for sale. Buy 1 take 1. 🙂

At last, I’m in the comfort of my unit before the day ended. If not for that little girl, I would probably leave my friend with her husband, who at that time is also suffering from anxiousness. I would’ve thought about how tired I am the whole day. I would’ve consider the acid reflux that’s bugging me throughout the night for not taking a proper meal. Plus the fact that I’m not allowed to come late in the office the next day. Without a doubt, it is no longer I. Now that I’m holding this pen, scribbling down the entry of today’s gratitude, I thank God, it’s Monday. 🙂


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