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The Heart of That Little Girl

That little girl.
The one who was kidnapped from her own land.
The one who was separated from her family.
The one who became a slave.


Indeed, that little girl.
She is of young age.
She has the lowest social status.
She has a dark and lonely past.

Yes, that same little girl.
Someone who is motivated by compassion.
Someone who forgives and doesn’t keep records of wrong.
Someone who is driven by faith.

The little girl I am referring to is the one mentioned in 2 Kings 5:1-14. She’s the one who gave an idea to Naaman on how he will be healed from his leprosy, a deadly disease. Naaman is her master. Naaman was the one who probably killed her family and relatives. Naaman, might be the most evil person she has ever known at her young age.

Despite of that, she never withheld the truth on how Naaman will be free from the suffering he’s facing at that moment.


That little girl.
Instead of dwelling on the pains and hurts of the past…
Instead of seeking revenge and justice…
Instead of focusing on herself and self-pitying…
She chose to care.
She chose to be a salt and a light.
She chose to make a difference.

Her story was written many years before Jesus died on the cross. yet what she displayed is the same compassionate heart Jesus has when He said, “Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.” She has that same heart. The heart that sees the need of others despite of being tortured on the cross. The heart that knows who’s the real in need of help from above. The heart that is selfless.

That little girl. The Bible didn’t even mention her real name. Because of her compassionate heart and credibility, Naaman was healed both physically and spiritually. The rest is history.


What’s keeping you from making a difference and touching someone else’s life?

Do you think you’re too young? Or too old?

Do you feel you’re not worthy? Because you do not have a title? Because you’re just a “nobody”?

Is it because you cannot forgive that someone? Because he has done something miserable to you? That sometimes you feel that he deserve what is happening to him now?

The heart of that little girl.
Abounding in steadfast love.


You, having the same heart of that little girl can make a big difference and a great impact to the world. From you to another. One person at a time. One family at a time. One generation after generation.

Share the One.
Start with one.


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