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The Great Challenge

I was challenged by my co-bloggers to publish a Tagalog entry in line with Buwan Ng Wika, which is being celebrated here in the Philippines every month of August. Reality check, I am easily moved by their poems and writings when written in Filipino language. Reminding myself, reading the Bibliya is actually more striking and remarkable.

Well, this shouldn’t be hard, I thought.


Aside from being used to speaking taglish, I somewhat run out of words. On top of that, I was asked to write a topic about love. Relationship between opposite sexes, in particular – a taboo subject I personally imposed on myself. Now let’s see what I can do. I’m thinking to retrieve my high school notebook with compilation of poems for easier accomplishment of this task. But certainly I will do my best to write before the month ends.

In fact, I’m quite curious as to what I can come up to. 🙂


15 thoughts on “The Great Challenge

  1. Mga posibleng paksa:
    1. Bakit ako nagkatroma sa mga lalaki?
    2. Wika ng Pag-ibig
    3. Ang magmahal sa sariling wika
    4. Magmahal ay hindi biro
    5. Tagalog Only Please!
    Hehehe!! Tag me sa tagalog post mo! Cheers!!! 🙂 Abangan ko yan!

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    1. Ang mga ideya ko ay:
      1. Tamang Pag-ibig sa Maling Panahon, Tama Nga Ba?
      2. Ang Isa ay Inspirasyon, Ang Isa ay Comfort-zone
      3. The “Ayoko Na Siya Isipin, Busy Ako” Notebook by Tita Witty
      4. Friendzone
      5. Happiest Moment: May Mahal Na Siyang Iba Pero Hindi Naman Siya Mahal

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