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This blog had me at: “You came with nothing but you left with my everything.”


You came into my life in a snap. You make your way into my doorstep with nothing and without doing anything. You didn’t even bother to knock or call out my name. You just entered and that’s it — I fell.
I let you in without any hesitations and I despise myself from doing so. I make myself vulnerable from a destruction that I’ll regret later on. True enough, it happened. Regrets and worries bug the hell out of me. And questions that lead to an answer will just end to another question.
Why did I let it happen? I thought I was tough enough to endure any pain but then I’m not. You’re like a lightning bolt that struck me creating a thunder which will bring a catastrophic avalanche of pain that I have to endure my whole life. It was too much to bear that my death seems…

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