Musical: Rak of Aegis

Rak of Aegis – July 4, 3pm

A rainy Saturday last July 4 when John and I watched a musical theater show for the first time. We rode a taxi from SM Megamall and arrived at PETA thirty minutes earlier before the presentation started. PETA is located at Eymard Drive, which is a small road right after Caltex E. Rodriguez.

As soon as we arrived, we saw the people lining at “VIP and Orchestra”. We checked our tickets and it says Orchestra Side so we went at the end of the line. Good thing there are seats where we can wait patiently. After few minutes and few selfies on the red wall (which John says, “nakaka-SOGO hotel”), I decided to get up and see what’s on the other side of the venue. There I saw a lot of people lining up, around triple of the number of people where I left John. Guess what, the line is for Orchestra Side. Indeed, it’s our first time. 😀

The correct line is more lively since food stalls and other stores are located there. They are also giving magazines for free.

The date tho. Apology as I wasn’t able to set the camera. 🙂

I already went to the end of the line but John's eyes were captured by these accessories.
John’s eyes were captured by these accessories.

11539862_10206822358587954_950277015_oDue to the previous error and upon seeing that there are people who are going upstairs, John made sure that we are in the right line. As soon as we knew we’re correct, we happily took a selfie on one of the tarpaulin hanged all over the place. Not so long, the line started to move. For the first time, we saw the inside of PETA. It’s just a small theater. Most of the seats are mono blocks. The first row can actually reach the stage. There is no seat reservation. Once you decided to settle, it will be hard for you to go out again since the place is crowded. The temperature is just right for my pull-over outfit. There are two screens for commercial viewing.

Braces twinny! 🙂
The stage’s setup is a flooded community of Barangay Vinizia.

The show began with a funny voice over announcing some reminders such as no food and drinks allowed, taking pictures is prohibited and singing along with the artists is bad for health. There’s a 10-minute half break.

Why Rak of Aegis?

Actually, we bought the tickets having no idea of what the show offers. It’s just that it’s been trending last year and I know some of my office mates who watched it and enjoyed it. We’re just going with the flow, wanting to have some good laugh and desiring to experience something new while appreciating the art of music.

The story revolved in the neighborhood of flooded shoe-making community of Barangay Vinizia. Packed with the love triangle of Aileen, Tolits and Kelly, as well as the not-yet-moved-on and bitterness overload of Kapitana and Kiel, Rak of Aegis moved me to tears of both joy and sorrow. It demonstrates the hardship of people living with the results of a natural disaster, which is common in the Philippines. It also shows the adversity of a promodizer girl who wanted to achieve her dream of becoming a famous singer, a YouTube sensation in order to be discovered by Ellen Degeneres to be specific. It exhibits the usual battle of ones emotion over issues pertaining to family, love and friendship. It displays the conflicting opinions of people in the town on how to solve the problem they are currently facing. Above all, despite of the calamities, issues of the heart, different personalities and difficult situations, Rak of Aegis shows that Filipinos are born happy and can have a one, united heart, yearning to improve their status of living. With all their individual circumstances, their sole desire is to solve the community’s problem on the flood, which causes them unfavorably on their sources of income and on their health. Bundled with humorous lines and popular songs of Aegis like Halik, Luha, Sinta, Basang-basa sa Ulan and many more, saying that ‘this show is enjoyable’ is an understatement.

“Kaya humahaba ang mga teleserye ay dahil sa mga taong hindi maka-move on kagaya mo.” – Kiel

On top of that, Rak of Aegis unveils the superb talent of Filipinos in acting and singing. I’m betting my whole fortune, they are really good performers. And so I became an instant fan of Aicelle Santos (Aileen) and Pepe Herrera (Tolits). 😀

Great thing they’ve given photo opportunities with the casts outside the venue. 🙂

Candid shot of Aicelle. 🙂
With the talented and bubbly, Aileen. (Photo by John)
Groupie with the handsome Kelly. With Aileen as photo bomber. 😀 (Photo by John)
With the sexy Kapitana Mary Jane. Ohhh, Mary Jane. (Photo by John)
Caption this. 😀 (Photo by John)
Alright! No doubt that Jewel is more photogenic than me.
I’m having a hard time sharing this photo. How in the world they have one and where am I during this time??? Tolits is love. 🙂 (Photo by John)
I was about to take a selfie with Tolits when the staff begged the people that he needs to rest for the 8pm show. He ran away and I shouted, “Tolits!!! Isang lingon muna!” I’m so kilig with the lingon but too bad I’m not really a good photographer. Still, Tolits is definitely love. 🙂
Look how the crowd excitedly greets the casts. Congratulations guys!

Rak of Aegis will run until August 16. Plan your schedule now, here. 😀


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