Life Lessons · Relationships

Choose To Care

With the recent series of CCF pertaining to developing horizontal relationships, teaching on how to stop murdering and start loving, emphasizing that anger is an act of murder, to learn to forgive, to rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep, to honor and respect other people by humbly seeing them as… Continue reading Choose To Care

Christian Walk · Life Lessons

Light and Peace: The Story of Mei Reyes

Mei Reyes has been attending my discipleship group at CCF since February this year. Filled with love from her cutie baby boy, Jayjay, this woman is overflowing with passion for God and compassion for people. Despite of her brokenness, she chose to inspire others through her life story. A single mom, a business woman and a… Continue reading Light and Peace: The Story of Mei Reyes

Life Lessons · Personal Leadership

WW: Health Management

<<< Previous Session: Financial Management >>> Health is not valued until sickness comes. Being healthy is now the trend but what are you doing about your own health? With Paul Tan-chi, ‘WHAT’S IN YOUR BAG?’ Managing Life's Essentials is back with topic on managing our health. Here are my key takeaways: How you manage your health… Continue reading WW: Health Management