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5 Reasons Why I Like “The PSL” (Pocket-Sized Libero, Jersey #3: Jheck Dionela)

One fine day, my friend randomly told me that he’s attracted with three volleyball players namely Southlyn Ramos, Jheck Dionela and Mika Reyes. My fingers automatically searched for these three in order for me to give my opinion. All are pretty and seems famous, but this cute little lady got my whole attention. Little did I know that I’m becoming interested with her. The information about her and her pictures in the web are so attractive that it makes me feel hungry to look for more. Unconsciously, my social networking accounts became active as I began to follow her and became part of Team Jheck. Thus, the beginning of my volleyball addiction.

Maybe my friend infused me with a drug called Dionela.

jheck31. She’s an exceptional player. Through reading some articles of her past games and watching the last conference of Philippine Superliga, I can tell that Jheck is really an excellent player. She’s very busy inside the court. Where the ball is, there she is. She receives the ball tremendously. She digs all the way. With a record of 2nd Best Digger and 1st Best Receiver last season and showing the crowd her superb pancake moves, who wouldn’t be a fan? Truth is, I started to be in harmony with the commentators who excitedly say “Saved by Jheck Dionela!”.

11124555_486361624846085_8230533027380217578_nCB9ObwBWEAAwWh2.jpg large


2. She’s a total eye candy. She’s cute. She’s pretty. She’s gorgeous. She’s sexy. She’s hot. Need I say more?jheck21921230_10203131693480895_7070510864382353920_o


3. She gives attention to her supporters. I remember how happy I am when she first retweeted and favorited my tweets concerning her. The very reason why I love browsing her Facebook, Instagram and Tweeter accounts is because she’s very generous in updating her fans on what’s going on with her in and outside the court. She even announces #AskJheck from time to time where she answers all the questions the fans wanted to know about her. On top of that, she meets these supporters personally. I wish I could join some time.

team jheck

team jheck2

4. She’s family-oriented. Despite of having a packed schedule for trainings, games, fan meetings and other volleyball-celebrity related events, Jheck see to it that she’s spending a quality time with the first bunch of supporters she’ll ever have – her family.

fam5. She has a humor. Who would forget her hilarious Dubsmash upload revealing her love with Ironman and her funny dance of Whip and NaeNae, the AVC Pilipinas version together with her teammates? Watch it all here.vidThe literally pocket-sized cutie libero whom everyone wanted to put inside their bags and take home with.jheck8

The one loved by many.


The Mockingjay.


Angelique Beatrice Dionela.


Your hard work…


and perseverance…


…are very much appreciated.


Thank you for the inspiration. πŸ™‚

(All pictures were taken from Jheck’s accounts. Credit to the owners.)


24 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I Like “The PSL” (Pocket-Sized Libero, Jersey #3: Jheck Dionela)

  1. Hello po!!! Thanks for this po :). Admin nga po pala ako ng page ni ate jheck dionela isa din po dun sa nsa 2nd pic ng fans ni ate jheck nung bday po nya ung nka blue na matanggkad. Sana po makita at mka bonding ka po namin. God bless πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hi darlin!!! yes, i would love to meet you all and jheck, of course. baka himatayin ako sa sobrang starstruck. haha. never thought i would be a fan at the age of 30. really addicted to a drug called Dionela. haha. #TeamJheck

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow pres. Sha yung nasa insta pic mo? Grabe, kala ko pamangkin mo. Tas pagbasa ko nito, omg, tagahanga ka pala. πŸ™‚ hahah. Parang na infuse-an mo na rin ako ng drug nayan. XD ang gandang bata. πŸ™‚ pm me naman po pag may gathering with her. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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