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Quotable Quotes from the Book ‘Think Like Jesus’ By George Barna

“A biblical worldview is thinking like Jesus. It is a way of making our faith practical to every situation we face each day. A biblical worldview is a way of dealing with the world such that we act like Jesus twenty-four hours a day because we think like Jesus.”

“It’s like having a pair of eyeglasses we wear that enables us to see things differently, to see things from God’s point of view, and to respond to those perceptions in the way He would prescribe if He were to provide us with direct and personal revelations.”

“At the risk of seeming simplistic, it is asking the question, ”What would Jesus do if He were in my shoes right now?” and applying the answer without compromising because of how we anticipate the world reacting.”

“First, He had a foundation that was clear, reliable, and accessible. Second, He maintained a laser-beam focus on God’s will. Third, He evaluated all information and experiences through a filter that produced appropriate choices. Fourth, He acted in faith.”

“The message to us is that when we passionately desire to focus on God, and invest in doing so, God will foster the connection.”

“Such action demands complete faith that doing what honors God, rather than men, is the only yardstick of success.”

“God commands us to think like Jesus.”


“In the competitive marketplace of ideas and images, there will be many seductive alternatives awaiting us, many of which will seem reasonable because our enemy disguises evil in attractive packaging. We must carefully consider each option and reject those that do not conform to God’s ways.”

“If you need wisdom – if you want to know what God wants you to do – ask him, and he will gladly tell you.”

“Until we learn that we cannot do this on our own, and that it is His will and direction alone that enable us to be successful, we will be the victims of our own ignorance.”

“No, living consistently with His principles is the right thing to do. Its rightness is not because of the outcomes; the outcomes are because of its rightness.”

“If you are a devoted disciple of Jesus Christ, while you were still in total bondage to sin you invited Jesus to rescue you from permanent condemnation by, and separation from, God. Through His death on the cross and return to the throne of Heaven, He made that possible. But in return, He enables and expects you to become a new person – born again in spirit, but also renewed in the flesh as evidenced by voluntary surrender to His Holy Spirit and a changed lifestyle.”

“Intentionally and boldly living for God positions you as a prime target for spiritual attacks because Satan recognizes such people as a serious threat to his objectives. God promises to protect you, but tough times will result from your choice: You up the ante once you choose to think and live like Jesus. If you doubt about this, simply consider what Jesus Himself endured.”

“The most important decision you will ever make is how to respond to Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection in relation to your own mortality. The second most important decision you will make relates to how you will live in light of your first decision.”

“It seems that millions of people who accept Jesus as their Savior never really accept Him as their Lord – that is, they gladly accept His offer of eternal salvation and confess their sins and profess Him to be their Savior in order to gain God’s acceptance and escape the wrath of His judgment for our sins. But their spiritual development does not go much beyond the acceptance of the offer of salvation.

“Paying attention to Someone with whom we cannot communicate is the most common ways seems odd at best, and downright absurd at worst. Yet no matter how uncomfortable we may be with this challenge, the reality remains unchanged: God lives, He seeks to interact with us, and whether or not we exploit that opportunity is up to us, not Him.”

“The Bible tells us that there is nothing that happens that He does not know about, nothing that He cannot see or understand, and nothing that He is unaware of historically, presently, or in the future.”

“God’s wisdom is described in Scripture as life-giving, insightful, just, eternal, unmatched, and fully possessed only by Him.”

“Righteousness is not just knowing what is proper, but acting on that knowledge.”

“As I strive to be a reflection of these godly traits, I must remember that He sets the standards. Doing better than others is irrelevant. Storing up and spouting out knowledge is meaningless without personal application.”

“Thinking like Jesus demands that we have an unambiguous and stable understanding of the source of everything we experience.”

“As participants in His plan, we can either acknowledge His sovereignty and work with Him, or we can fight Him and pay the price.”

“In those moments of illumination, pause to tell Him how special He is and how grateful you are to have the eyes to see and the ears to hear the elements of His work and to understand the foundation of His eternal purpose.”

“Obedience is more than just following the letter of the law; it is discerning what God would want – His will for us – and choosing to seek that outcome.”

“Our handling of each obstacle, setback, and victory in life can either be seen as a series of chance events or as a means of deepening our faith and trust in God.”

“God encourages us to show genuine love by blessing others through affirmation and encouragement, by meeting their physical and emotional needs, and by living and working in a faith-driven community. These are not optional behaviors or efforts to be made on an as-convenient basis.”

“Effective communication is also about the quality of interaction, not just the frequency. As the Bible cautions us, we will be held accountable for every word we utter, and we are to use speech that builds people up and never dishonors God or others.”

“But he also makes clear that to love Him by enjoying His manifold provision demands that we be happy with what we have rather than disappointed over what we do not have. Joy is as much a matter of attitude as it is an outgrowth of experience.”

“Through the power of God’s grace we can become people characterized by what the Bible calls the ‘fruit’ of the Spirit: ‘love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.’”

“Even after we invite God to change us, the transformation is not immediate, and depending upon our residual resistance, the overt effects range from undetectable to miraculous.”

“The more completely you own the notion that your ways are not God’s ways, the more hope there is that you will be able to abandon your free, selfish will in favor of His loving, perfect will.”

“As a created being who must have God’s permission to tempt people, Satan cannot cause us to sin; that is a choice we freely make. The time-worn excuse – ‘the devil made me do it’ – is theologically incorrect; the devil may persuade you to reject God’s ways, but he cannot force you or make you do anything other than what you choose to do.”

“He never allows believers to be tempted beyond their capacity to resist.”

“Sin literally destroys our relationship with God; each sin is an offense against Him, even if it is unintentional.”

“This incredible act of love by God – sending His perfect Son to earth to take full responsibility for our sins and pay the price for our past, present, and future bad choices – is the ultimate example of God’s grace.”

“Specifically, we are encouraged to pray for deliverance, to physically remove ourselves from the situation, or to boldly say no to the temptation.”

“It would not be enough to know about Him, or to be interested in Him, or even to fear Him; Scripture reminds us that even the demons meet those requirements. No, if you rightly perceive these things, then you are filled with a burning desire to respond to God in three significant ways: to love Him through worship, to love Him through obedience, and to love Him by encouraging others to fall to their knees before Him.”

“We must wholly abandon ourselves to God. In practical terms, that means giving up our agendas, our dreams, and our plans in order to listen for His quiet voice that leads us toward a very different and unworldly future.”

“If it is true, as I have suggested, that you become what you believe, then the more you understand the power of sin, of forgiveness, of spiritual rebirth, and of the permanent peace and pleasure that await you in Heaven, the more you will become one who acts like Jesus because you are able to think like Jesus.”

“My life – and yours – is all about engagement in the eternal struggle between good and evil, the no-holds-barred confrontation between holiness and sin.”

“One of the strangest elements of this war, however, is that we will fight until the end yet with full knowledge of the outcome. There is no dispute about the end result: God wins! We know that there will be casualties along the way, but God and His ways will emerge victorious, and His purposes will be accomplished. Millions of people – perhaps even you and I – will be bloodied or even lost in the war, but God will remain the undefeated, undisputed champion of the universe.”

“As in every war, it’s not as easy a task as it sounds – the enemy is wily, diligent and more capable than we are – but if we make a good choice and persevere in our efforts to follow the commands given by our Leader, we will enjoy the spoils of victory with God in Heaven.”

“We have been given the freedom to choose our side: God’s victory-bound army or Satan’s Hell-bound band of live-for-the-moment losers.

“This is a war we cannot win on our own power; it required the strength of God’s Holy Spirit residing within and working through us to overcome the destructive efforts of God’s eternal foe.”

“Satan has limited capabilities and cannot do anything without God’s permission; after all, he is not a deity.”

“In some ways, the war is a joke; it pits the undefeated, indefatigable, mightiest ruler of all time (God) against the undermanned, overmatched egotist (Satan) backed by a ragtag group of nomad losers. The sides are so imbalanced that there is not a chance – not even a sliver of hope – that the underdog could pull off the unimaginable, a repeat of David versus Goliath. This war was over before it began. By definition, history, and any other measure you select, nobody beats God. Nobody.”

“Satan and his demons know that they cannot defeat God, but they also know they can break His heart by snatching us away for a minute, a day, a year, or even for eternity by causing us to sin.”

“We need to know our place in the grand scheme and dutifully and thankfully play our minor role – ‘sinner seeking grace, holiness, and servanthood’ – to the hilt.”

“How committed are you to identifying those shortcomings and relying on the grace and power of God to shore up those vulnerable areas?”

“Be prepared to respond as God recommends: through the study and application of His word, through prayer, and through full reliance upon the power of His Holy Spirit to fend off the attack.”

“Because thinking like Jesus is not natural for us, it is crucial that we incorporate purposeful Bible study into our regular life regimen and unceasingly apply what we learn from that effort. Anything less reflects a halfhearted commitment to His truth – and a partial commitment to the ways of God’s enemy.”

“And if our purpose is to love God, and we do so by honoring Him and respecting His laws and principles, then we must gracefully and gratefully bow to His revelation of truth in order to do what is right and appropriate in His eyes.”

“If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, what better way is there to express your reverence for God than to commit yourself to thinking like Jesus?”


One thought on “Quotable Quotes from the Book ‘Think Like Jesus’ By George Barna

  1. “It would not be enough to know about Him, or to be interested in Him, or even to fear Him; Scripture reminds us that even the demons meet those requirements. No, if you rightly perceive these things, then you are filled with a burning desire to respond to God in three significant ways: to love Him through worship, to love Him through obedience, and to love Him by encouraging others to fall to their knees before Him.” — Amen to this!

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