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Debunking the Myth, Part 1: Why you need not be “great” by now

“Not for greatness, but for meaning. Not for a legacy, but for a purpose.”

taste & see!

A scene in the hugely popular meet-cute film, “That Thing Called Tadhana,” shows the two protagonists reminiscing about their days in university when one of them poses a rhetorical question:

Shouldn’t we be great by now?

Oh, how the twenty-something me would agree! I don’t know how it started, but this phenomenon’s been going on for ages now that gets young people all worked up about the things they must accomplish by age 30. “Earn my first million,” “Become established in my career,” “Get married” and “Buy my first car/house…” Sounds familiar, er, painful? Little wonder that at 25, the so-called “quarter life crisis” ensues — that period of self-doubt and panic when one realizes, at 25, that he actually still doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life and how to even start to get to those by-age-30 goals that he set for himself. So he gets…

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