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In the beginning, it was just a bonding with Ma’am Anna since we’re living near Capitol Commons where a new jogging path was created for public. We did it after office hours with shopping at Estancia Mall and dining at Starbucks in between.

Weekend morning walk at Capitol Commons.

Then she left for work-assignment abroad and I started becoming lazy with it.

What motivated me to begin again was my Annual Physical Exam’s result – showing a high cholesterol level and a low blood pressure.

Well, I admit I spent more than a year just lying on my bed most of the time; literally lying while watching a korean show or reading a book. Thus, it’s time to pay for my sins in the past. I am not free for the consequences of my actions.

It was difficult to convert something you are quite forced to do into a habit especially when you’re doing it alone. That is when I discovered Walk and Pray. ‘Twas during a time when I felt so sad and lonely without a specific reason. All of a sudden, I began to feel matanda, maitim and mataba (old, dark and fat). So I decided to have a quiet time with the Lord while doing some stretching and experience some sweating. That very moment, I enjoyed working out both the physical and spiritual aspects of my being.

Shirt and shoes from Adidas. Pants from Old Navy. Socks from Debenhams.

Aside from the Walk and Pray, I believe what added to my desire to go out and perspire is the opportunity to get myself up. Truly, one can display a fabulous style and be fashionable so the haggard part of running can somewhat be negated.

I guess, it’s not just a habit formed within me. It’s now a combination of discipline and rejoicing on how blessed I am with all the resources I need in order to have a healthy lifestyle.

Being fit and healthy this year is the entire theme of my bucket list. Having a flat tummy and thinner arms will just be a bonus. 🙂


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