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When I’m Unhealthy, I’m Wealthy

About two weeks ago, I went to our building’s clinic in order for my APE result to be read. As the nurse’s SOP, she checked my temperature, pulse rate and blood pressure. She asked, “Ma’am, aren’t you feeling dizzy?” “I am actually feeling weak and lightheaded since Monday noon,” I answered. That day was Wednesday. She then told me that my blood pressure is 90/60, which is lower than normal.

As soon as I went back to my office desk, I searched frantically what does 90/60 BP rate implies. ‘Twas either I am 2-4 months pregnant or I fell short with my sleeping time. Definitely it was the latter, unless there is another immaculate conception that took place in the earth’s history. Laws of the universe and orders of the world doesn’t need to convince me that I stayed awake late in the evening for the past several days. Thus, I owe myself some rest.


Upon informing my family and friends that my BP rate is 90/60 and that I am feeling dizzy, everyone responded hysterically. Am I the only one who doesn’t know what does it mean? One friend insisted on accompanying me back to the clinic to lay down for at least an hour. Before I knew it, another friend from a different office location already communicated the matter to a friend who brought her car and who is in the same building as I am, in case I have to be brought to the nearest emergency room. My church leader didn’t allow me to go to Welcome Wednesday that night and my dgroup sister agreed on taking over for the group that I am currently leading.

As I’m lying down on the clinic’s bed, everyone keep on sending me text messages to rest well and get well the soonest. That very moment, I realized that while I am unhealthy, I am wealthy – not with material things nor physical strength but with great people that God has surrounded me with. I planned to sleep for an hour but little did I know that the time was spent praising and thanking God for giving me these people.

I got up feeling better than my normal condition. I felt really happy, satisfied and contented – all from the love and care of the Lord, which manifested on the love and care from my family and friends. Truly, whenever I count my blessings, I count them twice. πŸ™‚


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