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In the beginning, it was just a bonding with Ma'am Anna since we're living near Capitol Commons where a new jogging path was created for public. We did it after office hours with shopping at Estancia Mall and dining at Starbucks in between. Then she left for work-assignment abroad and I started becoming lazy with it.… Continue reading Walking-Jogging-Running

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The Perks of Having Spiritual Sisters

Hebrews 10:24-25 tells us that our faith was never intended to be practiced alone. It instructs the believers that we should gather together on a regular basis, sharing our love, strengthening one another through encouragements, and grow in intimacy with the Lord as a team. Aside from knowing more of God, being transformed by the… Continue reading The Perks of Having Spiritual Sisters

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When I’m Unhealthy, I’m Wealthy

About two weeks ago, I went to our building's clinic in order for my APE result to be read. As the nurse's SOP, she checked my temperature, pulse rate and blood pressure. She asked, "Ma'am, aren't you feeling dizzy?" "I am actually feeling weak and lightheaded since Monday noon," I answered. That day was Wednesday.… Continue reading When I’m Unhealthy, I’m Wealthy