Short Stories

Chapter III: I’m Hungry

Anj, a bookworm and a self-claimed moved-on woman who doesn’t love the idea of loving someone – again.  She’s been through a  painful heartbreak with her boyfriend for 10 years.  Surrounded with funny guy and gay friends, will they be able to convince her to give her heart a chance to love and feel loved one more time?

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Bioflu plus whole day rest worked for me.  Though I am not yet fully recovered, I joined Ashley the night of Thursday.  I forgot to avail my afternoon snack break so I was very hungry after the run.  Ashley has a dinner appointment with her international counterparts and they are planning to have an all-veggies-salad-galore in one of the many fancy restaurants here in Kapitolyo.  I am not a fan of vegetables.  Everyone who knows me knows that.

Gotcha!  There’s a Pancake House in the jogging area.  I began to crave with its House Special Set.  I was thinking how big the meatballs in the spaghetti are.  And the over-loaded cheese in the tacos!  Eating alone has been comfortable with me.  I’m so excited!

Oooops!  Who’s that short and fat girl, the one sitting at the corner wearing an orange Mango top?  She gained a lot!  I know her.  I know her to the extent that I don’t want to see her.  Such an eye sore!  I’m losing my appetite.  Seriously, how on earth I’ll be seeing her here?  It’s not that I own this place but she should know that this is my territory.  She must know.  She’s been stalking me in social media sites.  Of course I stalked her as well.  For some time I thought I was the only one stalking but the moment we bumped with each other in a mall and I posted, “I saw an ugly pig,” she went hysterical in her own account.  After releasing her anger in a not so good manner and right conduct, she posted quotations from different scholars and writers about the true meaning of beauty in correlation to character and attitude.  I was like, who’s talking, bitch?  I also saw the caption of a picture she posted stating, “The feet are happy. The pockets are empty. Happy feet!”  It was the very same testimonial I wrote a year ago when I posted into public my new green Happy Feet sneakers.  I should remember it since the exact words did not come from me but from Jericho.  Plagiarism it is!


I said in my mind that I already forgave her as much as I already forgave her so-called best friend, that no-named man.  They insisted that they were just friends and that there’s nothing going on between them.  As much as they wanted to persuade me, I guess they are also persuading their own selves.  Seriously, who has a good intention if you were named on both of their phones as insane?  And who’s a decent woman that after you were confronted and asked to get away from someone’s partner, you kept on seeing him and talking with him?  Forget about the fact that they’re still being seen together by our friends in different malls at Makati area.  Such a clingy bastard!

Agh, I want spaghetti… and tacos.

So I’m going to Coffee Bean again.  Good thing gastro enteritis never attacked for a long time.  I am confident to drink coffee for two consecutive nights.

“Good evening, Ms. Anj, may I take your order?” The cheerfulness of the barista is contagious that I was able to switch my mood easily.

“One regular, ice blended Double Chocolate, please. No whip cream.”

“How about Chocolate Chip Cookie, madame?”

“Oh, sure.  Thanks.”

I should finish my meal fast so I can walk again for another kilometer.  I’m certain that I won’t meet that Ugly Pig in the area.  Her feature shows that she has no interest perspiring and working out.  I should finish my meal faster since I don’t have a book with me.  I don’t want to check Facebook in my phone.  I haven’t replied to Edric’s message yet.  Given that Facebook can determine if the recipient already saw the message, I know and he knows that he is already in seen zone.

I was about to leave when I saw that my car pass was not yet validated so I had to go back to Coffee Bean to avail the free parking.  The nice barista rushed upon seeing my car pass saying, “Going home, Ms. Anj?”  I smiled and before I even say yes, he handed me the paper and said, “Take care on your way, madame.  Have a great night.”  There is still one nice guy in town, this is great news.

“What’s his name?” Jericho asked over the phone.

“I don’t know.  How would I know?  Why would I know?” I asked in return.

“That’s basic, Anj!  Every employee there has a name plate.  You should at least see his name.”  He is frustrated.

“Jericho, I’m just telling you that there is a nice guy at Coffee Bean Capitol Commons.  That’s it.”

“A lost opportunity…” He utters.  “Well actually, it’s not yet late.  We can still get his name and make a move.” He giggles.

“Beks….” I said in a sad expression.

“Yo?  Is there a problem?”

“Yes.  Edric.  How will I respond?”

“I guess you’ve given him a wrong signal.  That’s why he’s acting like that.”

“You think I should accompany him in Baguio?”

“You may, Anj.  Just make sure you’ll not do stupid things.  You know what I mean.  Just enjoy the place and his company.”

“I know myself.  I won’t do stupid things.” I assure him.

“Yes, I know you’re not stupid.  You are Angelica Rejine Enriquez, a CPA… and a virgin.” He chuckles.

This is why I love Jericho.  He gives serious advices when I need him to be serious.  He jokes when I need humor.  I remember during my darkest moment in the lowest point of my life when I told him, “Beks, I feel so dark, old and fat.”  Without hesitation he said, “Are you talking about me?”  And we burst into laughter.  While we’re walking down the road going to our driving class and I’m teasing him how big he has been since we met, he said, “In times of famine, I will just go thin.  You will all die.”

Hurrying down the next morning, I saw an angelic face inside the elevator who came from 9th floor.  I know because I was a millisecond late on pressing the arrow down and it went up all the way to the 9th floor that I had to wait for some time.  The condominium has two elevators but unfortunately, it was already months when the other one started to malfunction.  He greeted me with a smile, moved aside and I stood beside him.  There are two nice guys in town, I thought.  I like his perfume.  It’s Ralph Lauren Blue.  I’m actually using Ralph Lauren Pink.

While looking at the floor numbers going down, I’m smiling.  No, I’m actually grinning.  I can still imagine his  face, smiling at me.  That’s why I keep on smiling as well.


Oh my…

Before we reached the ground floor, I concluded something.  The barista in Coffee Bean Capitol Commons and the guy next to me is one and the same person.




Jericho should know this.

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13 thoughts on “Chapter III: I’m Hungry

  1. Hoy! Who is that ugly fat pig? madalas ako sa Makati, para pag nakita ko..titisurin ko yan! – your evil sister hahaha

    Im curious about Edric!
    More curious about that CBTL guy! Hmmmmm


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