Short Stories

Chapter II: I’m Sick

Anj, a bookworm and a self-claimed moved-on woman who doesn’t love the idea of loving someone – again.  She’s been through a  painful heartbreak with her boyfriend for 10 years.  Surrounded with funny guy and gay friends, will they be able to convince her to give her heart a chance to love and feel loved one more time?

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Aaaaahhh… Why is it so cold in February?  I’m sneezing.  I can’t figure if I have a clogged nose or a runny nose.  I need a bed…  And a pillow…  And a blanket.  Argh!  It’s hard to get up to work.

This is a consequence of staying awake until one in the morning.  I had a 5-km run last night with Ashley at Capitol Commons, ate half of the lasagna from her meeting and watched two episodes of Choi Siwon’s Oh My Lady.  I don’t know why I’m having a hard time getting sleep last night.  Nothing special happened during the day.  Everything seems ordinary, except that I can’t forget the woman at the jogging area who’s wearing a hot pink short.  Or is that a boyleg?  It’s too short that people around are being distracted, including me.  Not that I’m conservative but it’s not really proper.  Look, I’m also wearing a short the last time we jog but it’s not like that. Well, yes, she’s white and tall.  But her legs are not so impressive. I mean, yeah, I’m confident with mine. It’s one of my assets. But I still can’t see myself wearing those outside, especially in the jogging area.  In a pool or at beach, maybe.  In fact, since the weather is cool, I wore my favorite Uniqlo jogging pants and hoody sweater.

Ashley Samantha is my former boss, my shopping partner and my spa companion.  Since we are living in the same area, it is easy for us to meet and bond with so many things.  Everyone’s been wondering why all of a sudden, she started becoming health-conscious and very serious in reducing her weight.  Not that she went to a doctor and got a bad result nor she’s been planning for her wedding.  I confirmed it from her, she’s not.  I don’t know why.  All I know is that I joined in her new venture of running 5-km thrice a week.  Last night was our 3rd time.  Okay, I admit, last night is officially our 2nd time since we had a shopping chaos last Thursday instead of running.  Who would resist?  There was a newly opened mall near the area and Debenhams is selling at 70% off plus Buy 1 Take 1 deal.  Wearing a complete jogging outfit, we both decided to pass by the store first.  I told her, “If we do it after running, fitting would be impossible since we’ll be sweating a lot.”  Unfortunately, we left the store at eleven in the evening due to unexplainable circumstances.  Fortunately, I bought 1 long sleeves blouse, 2 pairs of boots and 6 pairs of long socks for a total of Php1,600+.  Fabulous it is!!!  The feeling of fulfillment still runs in my veins despite of suffering from hunger and skipping the scheduled exercises.


Argh, I want to sleep.  Can I file a sick leave, instead?

Argh, why do I need to go to the office?

The sound of my message tone is louder than my alarm clock.  I bet it’s either from Dionne or Lady, my office breakfast buddies.

“I’ll be at main office. Can’t join today’s breakfast,” said Dionne.

“I just woke up, sissy.  Don’t wait for me for breakfast,” a message I sent to Lady.

“I’m still on my way, girl.  I guess we can still have a meal. See you!” replied Lady.

I’m late for an hour.  I’m sick.  My head aches.  There was supposed to be one reason to be happy this morning when we’re in the elevator going up to the 4th floor and I excitedly told Lady the good news that jeepney fare was reduced from Php8.50 to Php7.50, but she told me that it was already implemented for almost a month. I was not aware of that despite of riding a jeepney every single day.  So it’s just today that an honest driver gave an honest change to my honest 10-peso coin.  It made me frown.

“That’s the result of not watching a television and not spending time in social networking sites.  You’re not updated with what’s happening around you,” said Lady.

She’s right.  Since I broke up with my ex-boyfriend…  Rephrase: Since my ex-boyfriend left me, I decided to lock myself with Korean variety shows, comedy movies and books.  That way, I can filter every input that enters my mind in order for me to forget him and move on.  Romance and love stories are strictly prohibited.  Topics like dating, engagement and wedding are forbidden.  Thus, the not-so-active-social-networking-sites status.  But I still open my accounts every day since I’m living separately with my family.  Facebook messenger has been our primary way of communicating with each other.

Speaking of Facebook messenger, Edric replied to my question yesterday as to why he’s asking where I am currently working.  He said that his cousin is looking for a job.  That’s it.  Nothing more and nothing less.  So I gave him the link where to submit the resume.  In fact, I never received any message from him all throughout the day.

Arriving at my cubicle, there awaits a pile of documents for my review and approval.  Jericho just came and started opening his laptop.

“Are you expecting?” asked Jericho.

“Expecting of what?” I responded.

“Hmmm… You’re the only one who can determine what are you expecting of.”

“Beks??? I’m sick, please.” I pleaded.  I know he’s talking about Valentine’s Day.  And about Edric.

Here we go again.  Jericho knows me so well that he gained his exclusive right to interrogate me at any given point of time.  We first met at our former employer a decade ago, became close friends after 2 years, then we both left the company in 2008.  We still see each other with the rest of the group when there’s an occasion, a new movie, a celebration over something so immaterial and when one of us is broken-hearted.  We were partners-in-crime with regards to stalking and hacking in connection to our boyfriends.  Unlike me, he’s still with his boyfriend right now.  Not so long, we were united here at U-Pharma.

We were planning to have an out of town vacay this year and I suggested Baguio, since 2-3 persons in our group haven’t been on that place.  When I said that it seems I will be at Baguio three times this year, his memory began to explode and did a cross-examination about Edric.

“I guess you have already decided to accompany Edric in Baguio,” he asked.  Edric actually requested me to join him but I’m not yet responding.

“When did I say that?” I answered in between sniffing.

“So how will you be there three times this year?”

“We’ll be having our mid-year conference at Baguio.”

“Don’t fool me.  You already spent your kick-off rally up there,” he smiles.  He is smiling wide.  Very wide.

I lost.  My strength is not enough to defend myself.  Most of the time, I was able to counter-attack his bullets.  Now that I am physically and mentally weak, I just waved my white handkerchief and surrendered.

Still smiling, he handed me a bottle of ascorbic acid.

“Take two tablets,” he said.  This guy cares for me a lot.  I appreciate him.

“Thanks, beks. Mwah.”  I blew a flying kiss.

“Eeeeew… Are you a lesbian?”  He acted as if I have a viral disease and sprayed a lavender scented anti-bacterial in the air.

This day is quite long.  I want to go home.  While I gradually decreasing the documents in my incoming tray, here comes a new batch of project proposals and requests for cash advances.  There was silence in the office.  Everyone is busy with their respective jobs.  I can’t hear anything except the tapping of keyboards or calculators and of course, me coughing and sneezing from time-to-time.

Projected sales, check.  Number of participants, check.  Terminal fee, yes, that’s Php550 per pax.  Passport renewal, chchh.  What?  Passport renewal?  What the…  Argh, my head aches.

Based on my to-do list, I still need to generate the expense report of a certain enabler, analyze the financials of a product for launching and approve the purchase requisitions for trips abroad, aside from the long list of various requests in my inbox.  Seriously, how can I have a love life with this kind of work?  Well, it doesn’t matter.  Good thing I’m busy.  I don’t need a love life.

Oh, I am also scheduled to pay my credit card and buy stocks of JFC this day.  Good thing these can be done online.  Great idea, I need a break!  I need to be online.

Hmmm… messages from Ungers, Bekifuls, my family…

That’s it?

I had a feeling that as if, I’m waiting for someone’s message.  You read it right, “as if”.

Gosh, I’m sick.

I informed Ashley that I won’t be able to join her by night.  I need to rest.

True enough, I wasn’t able to report to the office the next day due to my condition.  I spent my day in bed with Ji Hyo’s Emergency Couple marathon.  There was a scene where Ji Hyo called the wife of her patient and said that for a sick man, a loved one beside him is better than a doctor.  Okay, I’m sick and I need a loved one beside me.  I really need my mom.

The truth is, I’m physically well and active before that no-named man left me.  It was due to stresses and emotional breakthroughs that I guess, my body became weak.  Indeed, I can’t count how many times I visited the clinic last year, taking into account the emergency that happened during the 2nd semester when my office mate and her husband rushed me to the hospital due to intolerable abdominal pain, which again, was driven by stress.

Before the day ended, I checked my phone and finally… (I don’t really mean “finally”, it’s just because of lack of more appropriate word), Edric sent me a message saying, “How are you? I’m missing you. <3”

What???  My head aches.  I need more rest.

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