~ LIFE AT 30 ~

Sep 28 – Exactly two weeks before my 30th, here I am at Starbucks Katipunan with my Chocolate Chip Cream, wondering what life at 30 could bring. While waiting for a friend, I asked some of my contacts on how they view this age and what are their thoughts that could be significant on this entry that I am writing.

  • Life at 30, as many say, is the start of midlife crisis.
  • Some believed that it is the start when metabolism is actually getting slower.
  • I know a lot who dreamt of having their first million at this age.
  • It is halfway to retirement.
  • One is expected to be mature in all aspects.
  • One should be, somehow, more stable financially and have a concrete plan for the future.

With these expectations, a friend described it as a roller coaster ride – being scared with the thought of moving forward to the unknown, wherein one will experience “ups and downs” and “twists and turns”. But the most important part of it is to enjoy the ride and be able to laugh out very loud.

Though uncertainties are present, it is very great to be reminded by the truth that I have nothing to worry as long as I know WHO holds my future. For now, all I can feel is a lot of excitement asΒ I look forward to the celebrations that will take place for the next few weeks. Who wouldn’t be?


More than the material things, I am so blessed with great people that surround me. More than the foods and the gifts, I thank everyone for spending time to celebrate with me. In Tagalog, “nahipo ako“.

Oct 6 – Fantastic 4’s Triple Celebration: (1) high school best friends reunion; (2) mine and Fernand’s birthday; and (3) Quits’ despedida at Poco Deli, Kapitolyo. (Dawn, wherever you are, we are missing you so badly.) πŸ˜›


Oct 11 – Who Says We’re 30 Bekiful’s Partee – a double birthday celebration with Johndee at Rub Ribs, Kapitolyo and Starbucks Capitol Commons. Desserts overload!! I so love my very own Chowcakes. πŸ˜€


Oct 12 – Sparty@30 with the whole family at Ace Water Spa and The Breakfast Club, Pioneer Center. Indeed, ’twas a relaxing and fun-filled day with the kids and kids at heart. πŸ™‚


Oct 13 – Eat out With Ungers at Memphis, Pioneer Center. Happy birthday to me and Jun A!! Yes, a decade apart. (To our long-distant friends, Simon & Achie, we missed you.) πŸ˜›
Oct 14 – Lunch out with Rainbow Brites International at S&R Shaw Blvd: a need for a happy lunch on my happiest birthday. Thank you, world. πŸ™‚


Oct 15 – The Breakfast Club Take 2 with parental units. Indulged with beef tapa and brewed coffee. Chapchae for a long life!
Oct 15 – Welcome Wednesdays at CCF Center. Weekly filling up the hunger for food and the hunger for the Word of God. ❀
Oct 19 – With my CCF Weekend Dgroup sissies. β€œ29 has gone, 30 has come. Help me to accept it.” One big word: BLESSED. πŸ™‚

Thank you, everyone, for the cakes…


And cakes pa more…



Another friend said that life at 30 is the same life she lives every day: gaining knowledge & experience and collecting memories with people she used to know and people she just met. 30 is just a number, like a new beginning of every day of her life.

She is right. Though I am still on my denial stage that I am now part of the “line of 3” group, it makes me more grateful for the 30 years of blessings, prosperity and abounding love that the Lord provided me.

To my family, relatives and friends who greeted me in different ways, I THANK YOU – from the bottom of my big heart.


P.S. One more thing I am sure of: I need to burn some fats after all these festivities. (Anneyong haseyo my 2nd chin, we saw each other again).


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