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Exhibit A

I grew up in a Christian family attending Bible studies and Sunday schools.  At an early age, I was very much aware with what the Lord has done on the cross and what rapture is.  I gained knowledge about tribulation, about the second coming of Christ and about the devil’s marks - basically about the… Continue reading Exhibit A


Love Clinic: When He Cheats on You

We are not experts. But we can at least spend some time to hear you out and cheer you up. 🙂


Someone message us in our Love Clinic:


I don’t know kung active pa ito or kung may sasagot ba sakin.

I found myself needing to let it out. I also write my own blog pero lost ako ngayon.

I broke up with my ex because it has been difficult for me to handle our situation (LDR). He has been so paranoid and accused me of a lot of things. I am in Dubai now and he is in the Philippines. One of the reasons kung bakit ako nag abroad ay dahil he cheated on me. He tried to win me back kahit nasa abroad na ko. I gave it a chance but it became so difficult. Di ko makalimutan yung nangyari at kahit anong pilit kong kalimutan, lagi kong naiisip yung ginawa niya. So to cut the story short, we broke up but continued with the communication. After…

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What is your personal view about LGBT?

I joined this #BLOgUEST101 via email during my hiatus days. Enjoy reading. 🙂

Doctor Eamer

LGBT flag

I was asked by this young man to write about LGBT and I immediately expressed my hesitation to even inscribe a single word about it. You know, this matter is undeniably debatable – an activity that my old self enjoyed for the longest time – something that my new self carefully inhibits, cautiously avoids and vigilantly constraints from being entertained (again) by it.

Nonetheless, the invitation to join this BLOgUEST 101 with the subject that has been imposed upon me actually threw down the gauntlet in me. Being on a 42-day social media hiatus where I cannot even see my blog site makes me crave on writing and sharing my ideas. The longing is kicking in. The hunger is somewhat painful.

So, let’s get straight on it. What really is my view about LGBT? I honestly see them as an ordinary people around me. A human. A sinner, just like…

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Gratefulness Beyond Brokenness

Walt Disney was fired because his boss said he lacks imagination. Abraham Lincoln returned from war with a lowest military rank of his nation. Thomas Edison was told he was too stupid and his future is dim. Michael Jordan was cut by his coach from his high school basketball team. You might be feeling down… Continue reading Gratefulness Beyond Brokenness

Life Lessons · Personal Leadership

Sorry For The Times That I Am Ungrateful

It was a fine afternoon when a young boy and his aunt were traversing from home to attend a Bible Study. Unexpectedly, a motorcycle crashed onto their car and left both of them dumbfounded. When the aunt went back to the driver’s seat after settling the road accident, she uttered, “I wonder why God didn’t… Continue reading Sorry For The Times That I Am Ungrateful

Life Lessons · Personal Leadership

I’m Tired And I’m Grateful

‘Twas a tough week, seriously. I wasn’t sure if I’m happy with that 3-day work week or what. I’m so tired. My whole body is actually chillin’ right now and I don’t know if this pink pen will make some difference on how I feel at this exact moment. “Lord, I’m tired.” “Beks, pagoda.” Nothing… Continue reading I’m Tired And I’m Grateful