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Exhibit A

I grew up in a Christian family attending Bible studies and Sunday schools.  At an early age, I was very much aware with what the Lord has done on the cross and what rapture is.  I gained knowledge about tribulation, about the second coming of Christ and about the devil’s marks - basically about the… Continue reading Exhibit A

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There is No Such Thing as Meaningless Hardship

Seems like it’s been quite some time nowThat you are not in a good condition.Things happened in one aspect of your lifeThat feels like you are trapped in a certain situation.One day, you are overthinking;The next day, you do not want to contemplate about anything.From the stage of partially denying,You jumped onto and stayed on… Continue reading There is No Such Thing as Meaningless Hardship

New Year's Blog · Year in Review

Playing the Infinite Game in 2020

Since end of 2019, I've been reading posts here and there about year-in-review and all these 2020 life goals and objectives in order to get some motivation to write. But like the most part of 2019, I still find it hard to share something and pour my heart out here. I did some assessment to… Continue reading Playing the Infinite Game in 2020