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Exhibit A

I grew up in a Christian family attending Bible studies and Sunday schools.  At an early age, I was very much aware with what the Lord has done on the cross and what rapture is.  I gained knowledge about tribulation, about the second coming of Christ and about the devil’s marks - basically about the… Continue reading Exhibit A


One Lovely Blog Award

Game! Patulan na natin. Tutal ngayon lang ako napirmi ulit dito sa condo. Though nagbabalak akong mag-mall later at bumili ng kung anek-anek. Haha. Salamat kina Sensei at Sheikha sa pagnonominate sa akin bilang isang lovely. Ay yung blog pala, hindi ako! Haha. Salamat at maaga-aga ninyo akong ni-tag at hindi ako umabot sa twist… Continue reading One Lovely Blog Award

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Moving Quotes From the Book “Lies Women Believe” by Nancy Leigh DeMoss

As you look at your life, would you say you are experiencing the abundant life Jesus came to give? Or do you find yourself just existing, coping, struggling, surviving? The best lies are those that look the most like the truth. Listening to things that are not true is the first step toward ultimate bondage… Continue reading Moving Quotes From the Book “Lies Women Believe” by Nancy Leigh DeMoss

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For Without the Darkness, Who Will Appreciate the Firework Display?

Side kwento: From parking papasok sa mall, nagmamadali lahat dahil naiihi na. Bigla akong may naramdamang tubig na tumalsik sa lower left leg ko. Akala ko may tumutulo somewhere. Tumingala ako pero parang wala naman so kebs na, pinunasan ko na lang. Nung malapit na ko kay Kuya Guard, naramdaman kong may umaagos nang tubig… Continue reading For Without the Darkness, Who Will Appreciate the Firework Display?

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February 2018 Highlights

I posted this in my IG story yesterday after filling-out the spaces on my CBTL 2018 Giving Journal. Then some of my blogging friends pushed me to publish an entry about this. I said I'm too lazy to write these days and my previous blogs are somewhat gibberish. But since they're expert on the Persuading… Continue reading February 2018 Highlights

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Ask Rhea Angeline 05

I received random questions via 🙂 ...... Just being friendly or confirmed paasa? He brought you to his basketball game. He consistently sends you greetings, all day. He sends you home. Dun tayo sa safe. Do not assume unless otherwise stated. Friendly lang siya. 🙂 Does saying “I love you” enough to let your loved one… Continue reading Ask Rhea Angeline 05

Personal Leadership

Test of Patience, Test of Love

The world today revolves wherein almost every thing can be done in an instant. Because if not, somebody will invent something to make it fast and minimize at least, if cannot eliminate, the time of waiting. I personally do not enjoy long over-the-counter queues, thus, I am an advocate of online banking. I do not… Continue reading Test of Patience, Test of Love


Protected: To Sensei, Mikay & Lhory

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.