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Exhibit A

I grew up in a Christian family attending Bible studies and Sunday schools.  At an early age, I was very much aware with what the Lord has done on the cross and what rapture is.  I gained knowledge about tribulation, about the second coming of Christ and about the devil’s marks - basically about the… Continue reading Exhibit A

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Cebu with Team DQ

As inspired by one of the honorable travel bloggers here in WordPress, I thought of putting a title, "Don't Tell My Dad I Went Alone to Cebu and Don't Tell My Mom I Got Tipsy." But I can't figure out the end result to them, to me and to the world. Haha. This blog is actually… Continue reading Cebu with Team DQ


333 WordPress Followers + Giveaways

It happened very fast. 'Twas middle of March when I received a notification that 300 bloggers already followed Exhibit A. I was reminded by the plan when I was just starting this hobby that I'll be writing an appreciation post and offer some giveaways when this site reached 300 followers. (For the elite bloggers out… Continue reading 333 WordPress Followers + Giveaways